Winter Wonderland

We got a huge pile of snow overnight last night.  But it wasn’t a violent, windy storm, it was more of a soft, gentle crowning of snow.

It snowed all day yesterday.  And I guess it snowed all night, too.  We woke up to a gorgeous, snow-capped wonderland.  So, after doing some shovelling while waiting to get plowed out, I grabbed my camera so I could share it with you { and remember how fresh it was when it’s too hot during the summer… }

Thank heavens for this guy and his trusty old Massey Ferguson!  It’s a cold, snowy job but someone has to do it…..and it isn’t going to be me!!

Today was a snow day for the kids so I delivered them to Mom for the day on my way to work.  They have the best view from their new home – wouldn’t you agree?

I hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous views around the East Coast today – or wherever you might call home!  Stay safe on the snowy roads!!

To be continued,


  • Laura Snow - January 19, 2018 - 9:32 am

    This is so pretty I almost miss it! LOL
    I guess I’d better get myself prepared for coming back to the snow. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

    • - January 19, 2018 - 9:34 am

      It’ll be a shock to the system after all that gorgeous weather!! ReplyCancel

  • Pamela Gordon - January 24, 2018 - 9:21 am

    Wow. You did get some snow there. It looks so pretty. We had about 8 cm. in the night then it switched to ice pellets, freezing rain and rain so we are all icy and crusty here today. What a mess. Schools are closed for the second day in a row too! Our rural road is a mess and it’s going to freeze up this afternoon. Oh well…it will be mild again on the weekend! Have a great day!ReplyCancel

    • - January 24, 2018 - 9:27 am

      This was last week’s snow that disappeared last night!! It was pretty while it lasted! ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Doucette - January 24, 2018 - 10:14 pm

    Lovely photos. Nothing prettier than a fresh snowfall 🙂ReplyCancel