Why I Love being a Decorator


I love my job.  And there are many reasons why!!  Here’s a few of them:

1. I like people, they are interesting and diverse. Their stories and histories are very interesting.

2. People live in houses and I like houses.  People love to share their homes and the stories about them and the belongings that fill them.  I have seen some truly amazing houses and some of my favourite ones are not big and flashy, they are cozy, inviting spaces filled with people who make you feel welcomed.


3.  I believe that these are the gifts I was granted by God and I will use them for as long as He gives me breath.

4. It is fun to watch little bits of flooring, fabric and paint translate into a well-put together, thought-out space, whether it is one corner of a room or the entire house.  This is a huge trust factor, I can visualize it, usually my clients can’t, but they trust me and my experience to set them on the right path.


5. Being a decorator is only part decorating, it is very much being a problem solver.  Also, part marriage counselor….. Math skills also help. Those formulas from high school?  I use them.  And I like it.

6. People love their pets and will choose colours around them.  Not even kidding.  Your pet has light hair? Light furniture, light floors. Dark hair? Dark furniture, dark floors.  I have no pets that live in my house, but sometimes the same rules apply to small children…

7. I get to travel around Nova Scotia and see sights that blow my mind.  This province is stunning, I tell you, stunning.  I especially love travelling down little cottage lanes, you just never know what could be waiting at the end.


8. I’ve been presented with some pretty awesome opportunities to do some pretty awesome things, and for that I am thankful.

9. It’s fun.  I get to drive around, visit people and cool stores, and call it my job.  Swwweeeeet!!!

To be continued,


PS – I do offer consultations so if you need me, let me know – I’m happy to help 🙂  Check out the Services tab above!!