Wet and Wild Ride

This week has been windy and wet.  After the crazy, snowy winter, and a damp, cold spring, I’m ready for some nice weather!  You know it’s bad when even the five year old comments on it!  And sadly, our blossoms on both the lilacs and the apple trees have been taking a beating.  They should just be at their prime but they are limp, droopy and damaged.

But they are still beautiful.  Kinda like us, right?  We come along, expecting things to be this way or that way but then life throws some curve balls at us.  The wind blows, it rains and we get busted up a bit in the storms of life.  We can give up and whither.  Or we can shine and continue to bloom through it all.


Life is not easy.  It is not a cake walk.  And it certainly is not fair. It is too easy to let life run you over, to suck the joy out of you.  But, I choose to shine, to bloom and to see where that wind might blow me.

To be continued,