The Goods of the Mail Me Art Swap

I finally got around to gathering my goods from the Mail Me Art Swap into one place with my camera! So, now I can show you what I received from three gals in the Maritimes.  { You can see what I sent out here }

The first to arrive was a mug cozy.  I will admit I thought it was a doll bonnet when I first saw it.  Then one day when I was scrolling through the feed on the Facebook event, I saw that my doll bonnet was in a picture, wrapped around a mug!!  Well, that’s a much better use for me than a doll bonnet!!

Mail Me Art Swap

Next to arrive was this letter ‘L’, made especially for me!! It’s got that steampunk vibe to it – the collected, pieced together look that I love!  I’ll have to find a frame and add it my collection of goods to hang on my wall.

Mail Me Art Swap

The last item to arrive didn’t come alone.  It came along with a nice note plus a tea bag!  It was a hand-stitched mug rug from PEI.

Mail Me Art Swap

I so enjoyed the Mail Me Art Swap!  I would do it again in a heart beat!  I am all set for a lovely cup of tea now!!

To be continued,