Storm Day

IMG_4255[1]We stocked up on supplies, we made sure there was gas for the generator, we re-arranged our schedules, we checked our supply of batteries.  We tested flashlights and did all the laundry and dishes.  We cooked a chicken.  We were ready.  I didn’t even bother setting an alarm last night, Lena wasn’t going to school regardless of whether they were opening schools today or not.

Today we hung out.  The girls played for hours in Lena’s bedroom with very little fighting.  I managed to get some work done…housework, Coldest Night stuff and a little Farm Fresh decorating, too.  I made a yummy lunch of Chicken Corn Chowder and fresh biscuits.  There isn’t a lick of chowder left and the only remaining biscuit has been packed into Lena’s lunch for tomorrow.  I made a tasty batch of cookies, the easy Peanut Butter ones with some chocolate chips thrown in for good measure.  Michael got to move some snow with his tractor, too, so that made him happy, too.  The Old Maid cards came out and little hands tried to hold enough cards to win.

The wind is howling and the snow is blowing all around, the freezing rain has started.  We are safe, we are warm and we have power….and internet!!  Thankfully!

It’s fun anticipating the storm.  Of what all you could do with the day that stretches out in front of you.  Will I accomplish the entire To-Do list?  Or waste the day playing games and checking in on Facebook and Instagram? I would loved to have made it out to the studio, but not today.  I might sneak out tonight yet.  But probably won’t make it past the spot on the couch that is calling my name.  I’ll curl up there with a mind-numbing game on the iPhone and look at the inside of my eyelids until Michael wakes me up to go to bed.

How about you?  How did you weather the storm?  Any storm day traditions at your place?  Curl up on the couch with movies or a book?  Or do you cook and bake the day away?  Maybe it’s just about surviving the day with the kids home? Did you stock up on #stormchips or another favourite treat?

To be continued,