Spring Auction

I’m sure people think I’m crazy when I tell them my husband and I used our date time to go to the Spring Machinery Auction in Truro.  But, really, its the perfect date, something we both enjoy and it sometimes you come home with some awesome goodies.

Spring AuctionSpring Auction

Today, we headed over, sans children { Thank you, Rika!! } and wandered around looking at this, that and the other thing.  I posted some pictures on Instagram and Facebook and the responses have been so fun to read through.  Guess what?  You are all invited next year!!  🙂

Spring AuctionSpring Auction

I love going and listening to the variety of conversations that surround you.  It was a sea of plaid, camo and denim.  I kept losing Michael and he was hard to spot again.  I may have stood out a little in my red coat…..  The old farmers probably make it an annual pilgrimage and meet up with old buddies and spend the day and maybe not a dime.  But they are what make it so fun. Yes, there are younger people milling around, some with small children in tow and maybe a wife thrown, too.  Maybe they’ve grown up going and so they make the pilgrimage, too.

Spring AuctionSpring AuctionSpring Auction

I have to admit, I never wanted to go that very first time – why would I want to go to an auction where they sell machinery?  I hear Dad and Michael talk about this piece of that and that piece of this, why should I care??  And then one time, Michael came home and told me he almost bought me a wooden screen door.  Screen door?  What? At the machinery auction?  I went the next time. And I bought some cool stuff….old wooden tool boxes, milk cans,  an old wooden sled.  You see, it isn’t just machinery.  It’s whatever you find in your yard, your barn or machine shed.  Bring it, sell it, someone will want it.  Today’s mix of randomness included fake plants, lobster traps, broken fence posts, a tent trailer, lumber, bent gates, stove pipe, light fixtures, canoes and wood stoves.  And then there is the expected – round bale feeders, hay rakes, grain bins, cattle trailers, seeders, milk cans, tires, wagons, intact fence posts, but no big, green tractor as Hannah requested we bring her.

Spring AuctionSpring Auction

I wish this day had panned out differently.  I came home empty-handed. My brother-in-law scored at least one lot I wish I had.  I wish I had the fore-sight to have bid on a few lots that would have been fun to work over and re-sale.  But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be today.  I always hesitate or ponder too long { or show up too late } and then I think about what I would’ve done with this, that and the other thing.  And proceed to kick myself.

spring auctionSpring auction

But I had fun, saw lots and now realize what I need to do differently next time. But before we left Truro, we did a little shopping in the downtown for Mother’s Day for me.  So it wasn’t a waste of time by any means! 😉

To be continued,




  • J Arthur Gillespie - April 1, 2016 - 11:18 am

    what is the last date for items to be entered into the auction?ReplyCancel

  • lori@farmfreshstyle.ca - April 1, 2016 - 11:22 am

    Not sure, all I know is this year’s date is April 23rd. I’d call Atlantic Stockyards to find out. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel