Signs of Spring

Even though the calendar tells us when Spring actually starts, I love looking for signs of Spring.  This year Winter was very gentle on us, and quite frankly, I’m very thankful for that, I’m not sure I could’ve handled another one like last year and the endless snow that fell.

So, what do I look for when it’s time for Spring to start with its subtle hints?

  1. Weight restrictions on the roads.  That’s a sure fire way to know the weather is warming up and the frost is coming out of the ground.
  2. Robins – we’ve got a fat little fellow who lives in the crab apple tree in the front yard.  He’s plump and well-fed.daybreak
  3. The lambs to start arriving at Dad’s farm -and they are coming along now – be prepared for over-sharing of cuteness!
  4. Roll-Up-the-Rim at Tim Horton’s, although it seems to me that it started earlier this year?  But who cares, I won a few coffee and donuts….no Honda Civic, though 🙁
  5. The change in the sun and the added warmth in the car.  I love how it can be cold and your windows all frosty in the morning but later in the day, you’re driving with the windows down!
  6. The maple sap to start running.  We don’t tap any trees here but we’ve talked about it….I’d love to do it!  Usually this means a trip to Sugar Moon with the family, too, so that’s a win!  Best atmosphere, best breakfast, best maple syrup!Spring
  7. Things starting to show signs of life.  Whether its a plump bud on a branch or things starting to poke out of the ground, I want to see it!  I did see some pussy willows on one of my runs last week!

I love living where we have seasons and such distinct seasons, at that.  I waiver between Spring or Fall being my favourite.  When it is time for Spring to roll around, it’s the best season and when the summer heat gives way to the coolness and colours of Fall, well, then it is the best!

I love watching my world slowly come to life.  The drab colours of winter becoming bright, vibrant and promising.  The leaves unfurl, the buds turn to blossoms and tiny bursts of colour explode around me.  There is such hope in the breath of Spring blowing, that the dark is lifting, that the cold is shrinking and that yes, life bursts forth again.

So, with Spring slowly making its way home, I’m thankful to notice the subtle changes around me and to hold dear to the promise of better, brighter days ahead.

To be continued,


These are not new pictures, these are from last year’s Spring….right now we are still snow-covered and Wintery 🙁