Retreat to Ava’s Beach House

If your dear friend asks you to attend a retreat with her at a beach house – you say yes and figure the rest out later! Especially when you know you need to ‘retreat’!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a retreat in Cape Breton with my dear friend, Janice.  I haven’t been to a retreat since I was pregnant with Lena…so a few years now 😉  But it seemed like a good time to take a little time for me…so I did!

The setting couldn’t have been more perfect!  Perched over the ocean in Margaree Harbour, Ava’s Beach House is exactly what I expect a beach house to be.  Painted wicker furniture, collected treasures, great artwork and lots of beds.  Oh, and a huge harvest table to eat around { or play fast-paced card games } The huge deck over looks the ocean, and we were treated to scenes of lobster fisherman out in their boats collecting the day’s catch and gorgeous sunsets.  And Friday evening, we even got to see some local wildlife…a bear cub….which means momma bear probably wasn’t far.  The setting was perfect for relaxing and connecting, except the bear part, maybe!

The speaker for the weekend traveled from BC, Nicole Funk was her name.  She spoke about the samaritan woman at the well who met Jesus, and the way He worked in her life and then in turn how she interacted with her community.  You can read the interactions in John 4.  I’ve heard that story more times than I could tell you, but there is always something new to learn.

It was great to be welcomed into the group of ladies who attended the weekend retreat. A few people I had met over the years of visiting Janice and going to her church with her, but I made some new friends over the course of the weekend, too.  Having a supportive community of women is important, whether it be through your church, a group of small business owners, bloggers or whatever. Find your people and soak up the support they offer and be sure to be present for those who may need what you have to offer, too, it goes both ways.

One of the highlights of the weekend was walking down the beach trail from the house to Whale Cove with Janice.  The trail ran along side the road, but it was tucked in trees, weaving along the cliffs and then opening up for a grand view of the water.  No surprise we had the beach to ourselves but I’m thinking a trip back in the summer might be in order!  Getting that time to walk and talk with just Janice is a rare treat.  Our time together is usually filled with kids, so this was a luxury!!

I tried to convince Janice to make me eggs and bacon for one breakfast, but since she wasn’t cooking, we opted for brekkie at The Dancing Goat.  If you haven’t been,  The Dancing Goat is a tasty bakery & cafe in Margaree.  If you are going through that area, you need to stop for a meal or at least a treat!  And if you are at the Goat for a meal, you need to have dessert, even if you’ve just had breakfast!  We did, and yes, it was worth it!! 😉

It isn’t often that I go away without the rest of my crew.  And when Janice asked me to go, I could’ve listed lots of reasons not to go.  But lately, making time for myself has been harder and I knew I needed it.  I am a better mother, wife, friend when I am feeling like my cup is full.  And lately I’ve been stretched thin, too thin. So I took this opportunity to spend time working on me and building my relationships.  And I feel like I arrived home on Sunday night with my cup filled to overflowing again, ready to tackle what the week has to offer.  Be sure to make time for what is important to you and what fills your cup.  For me it is faith and friends.  For you it could be something else, but make sure you do it.  It is important.

I’m pretty thankful for this lady – we have been friends since the first day of our studies in Interior Decorating, which is has been close to half my life now. I would be lost without her!  If only I got to hang out with her more!  But the weather is better and days are longer and the road to a friend’s house is never long, right?

To be continued,