Red & White Canada Day Prep

With the big celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, preparations must be done!  Thanks to Canadian Tire, I have some extra goodies to decorate and have fun with!

Celebrating Canada Day is always fun and we usually try to do something special to mark the day. But this year, as it is a big one, I feel the need to do something EXTRA special!  Clearly, a 150th birthday is something worthy of a grand gesture. { You can read what we did last year HERE }

So, I started to think – what would I do? Would I make something? Decorate a space up? How would I, Lori of Farm Fresh Style, mark this occasion.  And when I came up blank, I did what any mom would do….I asked my kids.  And I’ll admit that at first I chuckled at Lena’s response…until I really saw the merit of her idea!! And then the wheels started turning and a plan was hatched!! A plan I’m super excited about…as in foolishly excited about…. 🙂

But, before I tell you anything about my plan, you need to see what was in the box! I did a Facebook Live with Hannah helping me.  You can watch it on my Facebook page HERE.  { After we finished, Hannah asked me to record her as she talked about the flag in our box!!  Too cute!! }

So, here’s the pretty red box.  I love red….but I’ll bet you knew that already.  And know what else I love?  Surprises!!!  Well, some surprises…not like a blind mouse in my glove box kinda surprise but a big red box of goodies kinda surprise….  I knew a couple of the things that were coming in the box, but they added some extra goodies, too!

Inside they had 2 sets of the Red and White lights which I will wrap around my porch or fence after I finish my secret mission.   They were even generous enough to send 2 extra sets for our local community’s Canada 150 celebrations!!!  How great is that!?!?!?

There is a Canadian Flag, which I’m really excited about.  I’ve never owned a flag before.  How sad is that! I’m trying to decide where it’ll go, I have a few ideas….you’ll have to wait to see.  I love that the package even says its suitable for windy locations….it’s certainly windy here and I can’t even imagine how much more so in other spots across this country! My friend was recently at Signal Hill in Newfoundland….’nough said?

The softest t-shirt arrived for me, too, along with a handy dandy flashlight.  I think that you can never have enough of either.  Comfy t-shirts and bright flashlights.  And ones all decked out with maple leaves are even better.

And a fun little extra they threw in was a gift card to Canadian Tire.  That was so unexpected!  I wonder what I’ll buy with it….knowing me, spray paint or something like that!  Or maybe I should get something for the Veranda, or plants for the yard. Or outside toys for the girls, maybe? Hmmmmm, or wander the aisles and decide?

So, I’m going to be working on my little project here over the next week or so, you’ll have to stay tuned on Instagram, Twitter, my Facebook Page to see little bits and pieces of what I’m working on.  But I’ll give you the hint of Iconic Canadian and that’s all… { And feel free to comment with some Iconic Canadian things and people for me to use for the final post!! }

To be continued,


I was provided with this kit by Canadian Tire but my take on it all is just that!

  • mary chaisson - June 22, 2017 - 3:39 pm

    Terri Fox…light houses…maple syrup…Rcmp…beavers…hockey…inukshuk…igloo… loonies/toonies….maple leaf… there are many iconic Canadian symbols…loggers..Hudson Bay…Great LakesReplyCancel

  • Linda G - June 23, 2017 - 5:35 pm

    Moose, beaver, maple syrup, toboggan, hockey sticks & pucks, curling, canoe, Canada Goose, northern lightsReplyCancel