Random Christmas Re-cap

Christmas 2014 (4)

Another Christmas season has come and gone.  What a whirl wind!!!  We spent lots of time with family, ate way too much everyday and got spoiled rotten.  The grandkids re-enacted the Nativity for us while Opa read and treated us to ‘Away in a Manger’.  We went for a walk to the beach in +14 degree weather.  We did a puzzle.  We ate too much.  I feel like I picked up in the living room every five minutes.  Hannah took her sweet time opening her gifts, she had some left under the tree on Boxing Day yet!  Too funny, that girl – she does it every year!

Christmas 2014

I can see this is turning into a random post….just a bunch of things jammed into one post.  Things I think you should know but might not necessarily deserve a full post themselves.  Sigh….I’m tired and can’t really pull a full thought together.

Every year I tell myself that I am not going to be running around right before Christmas delivering gifts and cards.  And again this year, the day before Christmas I was running around delivering gifts and cards.  I was also delivering some awesome secret projects I’ve been working on in the studio!  I’m excited to be able to share what some of those projects were now that they have been gifted!

Christmas 2014 (5)

My parents gifted all of us a trip to Pier 21 in Halifax.  What a wonderful, thoughtful gift.  Both of them arrived in Canada there and I know it will be an emotional day.  I was outside the building with my cousin and his family this summer and even that was emotional for me!!  I’ll be a basket case the day we all go as a family!!  They also gave us a chocolate letter like they do every year.  This year I got an ‘L’…..:)  We don’t always get the right letter, just depends on what’s left at the store the day Mom shops.

This year the weather was great if you wanted to travel or run but not so much if you wanted to snowshoe.  And I love to get out with friends and family over the holiday break to snowshoe.  I did manage to get out for a few runs on the mountain.  I’m hoping to get out regularly and work off some of the extra eating I’ve been doing. I think I mentioned I ate too much?

Christmas 2014 (2)

I bought a few ornaments on clearance today.  A few more wooden snowflakes, a canoe, a moose and an outhouse.  Every tree needs an outhouse, right?  I figured it ties in with the rustic, woodland thing I’ve got going on!  We were also given a whole family of owls this year, too.  They look great on the tree, along with all my new gnomes.  I’m going to hate to have to take our tree down.  The living room always feels so bare and empty after the decorations come down.  Maybe I’ll finally hang the curtains.  Maybe I’ll even go really crazy and paint the hallway!!!

Christmas 2014 (3)

When do you take down Christmas?  Do you want until after the New Year?  Do you pack it up on Boxing Day?  I like to leave it, especially since I’m usually pretty late in getting it all put up!  There are still a few things I planned on doing for decorations this year that I haven’t quite gotten to yet!

To be continued,