Raising the Crazy Cat Lady

My baby turned 8 this week. I’m not quite sure how it happened, I mean, wasn’t she just 3?

Hannah is a happy little bundle of warmth, she wakes up smiling and pretty much continues all day long. If you’ve met her, you know this to be true.  So, what do you do when all she wants for her 8th birthday is a new cat?  You get her a cat.

We have two cats already.  We adopted Buttercat, aka BB, from Harrier Hill and he loves it here.  Although I think he’d rather be a studio cat.  Hannah loves BB and would do anything for that cat, including still petting him after he got sprayed by a skunk!!  That, people, is love.

Our other cat we acquired by, well, his choice.  He goes by Cuddles or ‘Grey Fluffy Cat’.  When we moved in, we would see this grey, fluffy cat wander through the yard but we could never get close and then weeks or months would pass before we saw him again.  And then we saw him around more and more and we could get closer but still not pet him.  And then one night he was going crazy trying to get into the house.  I called his real owners, our neighbours, and they came to get him.  And days passed and we thought nothing of it….until he kept showing up and sticking around more and more.  They come to get him and take him home again and then he’d be back.  So, come to find out, he hates their new dog.  HATES.  As in, he’d rather live outside at our house with BB, who he also hates, then be in that nice warm house where he was well cared for and loved { his ‘real mom’ is a vet, for crying out loud! }  So we have an arrangement, he lives here with us, we love on him, they drop off cat food and can’t get within feet of him….seems to work alright!

But here’s the thing about Cuddles and BB, they are old.  Like, somewhere in the range of 17 to 19ish? Old, right? We decided we wanted a new cat, a young cat.  And Hannah begged for the new cat to be hers.  How can you say no to that? Lena couldn’t care less for the cats but Hannah is all heart-eyes.  So, we decided we would start to keep an ear out for a new cat.  And I saw a few in my news feed on FB.  But you know when something is right, when you sense it in your bones?  Yep, THAT post came up and we met Casey the next day and took her home with us.  She was in a loving home but due to allergies, she has to be re-homed.  And we knew she was the right cat for us when we found out she’d be 1 in November.  If you’ve been around enough, you know that November is  birthday month for all of us girls.  So, she’s the perfect fit 😉

Anyway, we took her home and settled her into the studio and we love her.  So much!!  She’s an expert level hider, it took me 10 minutes to find her one morning, she can curl herself up into the smallest little spot, in the darkest, most tucked away corner she can find.  But now, she greets us at the door, purring and trying to get as close to us as she can.  We’ve let her out in the yard a few times but she’s so shy, it makes me nervous that she’ll run away and we’ll never see her sweet face again.

So, even though Casey has lived with us for a bit before Hannah’s actual birthday,  she is still considered one of the gifts.  And of course, she set the theme for Hannah’s party.  Crazy Cat Lady Party, because if the shoe fits…

I have stopped killing myself over parties for the girls.  They don’t care if they are ‘pin-worthy’, all they want to do is play with their friends.  Hannah’s only request for her party was that we had a kitty litter  cake.  Appealing, right? Not.At.All.  But, when you’re turning 8, you get what you wish for. Ta-da!!!

Her friends showed up with kitties in tow, ridiculous giant cat masks and gifts for a sleepover.  They blew up the air mattresses and crashed on the guest room floor.  Well, when I say crashed, I mean at about 11 pm when I hollered at them to shut it down 😉  My friend/the girls’ babysitter, Alena, crocheted a bunch of sweet little kitties for the girls to take home instead of some treat bag filled with candy { who needs more candy the week after Halloween, right? } and dollar store junk.  Pretty sure they had a good time… 😉

We jokingly call Hannah our Crazy Cat Lady, she says she isn’t going to get married but she is going to have 9 cats and live in the field across the road.  And with owning 3 cats now, I’d say she’s well on her way!

Happiest of Birthdays, Sweet Hannah!

To be continued,