Podcast Crazy

A year ago I didn’t know what a podcast was or know how they even worked.  Now, I can’t even imagine life without them.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that.  But I didn’t know and finally found the righ person to ask!  Heather and I were travelling back from the city from THIS WORKSHOP and I asked her about podcasts when she mentioned something about one.  I probably interrupted her…but she was gracious and explained it to me.  She gave me the names of a few of her favourites, so I gave a few a listen and then I was hooked.

So, I thought I would share the Podcast love with you and let you know what some of my favourites are.

Young House Love is a blog I’ve been following for years now and I love their podcast, just as much, called Young House Love Has a Podcast.  { Links to their podcast HERE and the blog HERE }  It might not make much sense that there are design podcasts since it is such a visual field, but strangely enough, it works.  The girls enjoy this podcast, as well, we’ve listened to it in the car on our way to Cape Breton and the time flies by!  John and Sherry are very engaging and humourous to boot, so it’s a no brainer.

The other design podcast I listen to is Chris Loves Julia, again, they also have a blog by the same name.  { iTunes link HERE, blog link HERE }  These guys have a host on the podcast, named Preston, and it took a little getting used to him but now I can’t imagine that podcast without him, even though I cringe at a few of his sayings still…  Chris and Julia recently had a baby, bought a mountain cabin and got a new dog.  Lots of humour, bad singing and sound design advice!

I loved listening to the Vinyl Cafe podcast, too, there are only a few episodes on iTunes but they made me laugh and cry and want to find more Vinyl Cafe goodness, which I know is out there!  I might have to grab a CD or something….maybe ask for something for Christmas!  I love hearing a good story!

How I Built This is a neat business podcast based on interviews with succesful business people.  { iTunes link HERE } I love hearing the stories about where a business got its start and what background the entrepreneur came from, which usually isn’t business-based at all.  Instagram, Toms, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, Airbnb, Kate Spade…all sorts of interesting companies!  Makes me want to build the next big thing!

Some podcasts you really connect with on a deeper level and Mom Struggling Well does that for me. { iTunes links HERE } Emily Thomas, who I feel like I know so well now, interviews different moms who are at different stages of motherhood and they get into the weeds of the struggles and the triumphs of it all – faith, marriage, business but mostly motherhood.  I have cried more tears in my car, listening to Emily and her guests as they openly talk about it all.  But they offer such practical tips to help us moms struggle well.  Because, let’s face it, motherhood is tough!  I can’t get enough of this one!  I’m working my way through all the old episodes and listening to the new ones as they are released, too.  Moms, you need this one in your life!!

So, I had become a podcast junkie, listening primarily in the car and talking to various people about it.  And then one day one of my blogger friends, Erin, posted a picture….a very leading picture of her with a microphone.  I commented that I hoped she was starting a podcast….and she was!!!  So, now I have one more podcast on my list and it’s definitely one I look forward to every week.

Erin of DIY Passion and her friend Jen of Rambling Renovators started the podcast, but aimed it more towards blogger and influencers as well as the marketers within companies.  They’ve called it In the Storyhouse { iTunes links are HERE } and they cover so much in each episode!  Topics that matter to the Farm Fresh side of things, like how to build Instagram, how to leverage Pinterest, does what we do, as influencers, matter and make a difference –  all sorts of topics!  Here’s my problem, I listen while driving which means I can’t take notes and I quite often feel like I need to.  These are the only podcasts that I have re-listened to.  Just because they are so jam-packed with sooo much information!

So, tell me, is there any podcasts that I need to listen to that you absolutely love?  I’m always looking for more!  And I hope you enjoy some of these ones, too!

To be continued,


PS – All photos were totally taken from their websites without permission…