One Room Challenge – The Studio – Week 2

Here we are, at the second week of the One Room Challenge.   I suppose you’d like to see the progress? I’m at least happy to admit there is progress to show!  { If you missed Week One – you can see it HERE }

Well, I’ve made a few decisions for the direction I’m heading with the colour palette and some changes to the layout.  I’m excited to make the space look and work better for me.

I have the fabric for the curtains on the prep table – I’ve had it pretty much since we moved in here, back in July of 2014.  I got it on clearance at Fabricville for about $2.00/yd and I manged to get the ones done up for the counter but not the table.  There isn’t quite enough to do exactly what I want but I’ll make do and not tell you my exact plan so you won’t know the difference. 😉  I just need to get the hardware to hang it – I knew I wanted to go to Walmart for something but couldn’t remember what it was!! Does Momma Brain ever go away?!?!

The desk I use for sewing was a desk that we had in our house growing up, I’m not really sure the history of it and apparently neither does Mom, she couldn’t remember where it come from.  Lena had it is her room until the last makeover and then we put it in the studio and swapped out what was my sewing desk with the old computer desk in the back bedroom….again, being able to shop from your own personal ‘stash’ is great!  We checked in with mom and she’s okay with my painting the desk out so I’m going to do it in Miss Mustard Seed‘s Artissimo – I’m a huge fan of deep blues!  When I showed Mom the sneak peek of it, she said she may want it back when it’s all done.  Hands off, Mom!!

Here’s the before, or in reality, the during because I forgot to take a picture until I started sanding it, of course!  My plan is to keep the hardware, paint the drawers and sides in Artissimo and then stain the top.  And when it’s finished, I’ll put my favourite finish on of Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil to seal it and add to the richness of it.  My original idea was to paint the desk a turquoise colour, but when I started looking at painted desks on Pinterest, it was the deeper, richer colours that really appealed to me.

Here it is with the top sanded off…I have to admit, I’m surprised how little time it took to sand the finish off on the top.  Probably 20 minutes max and it was down to the raw wood again.  I love my palm sander for jobs like that!  And the raw wood will absorb the stain (which is just a watery mixture of Curio and Typewriter from Miss Mustard Seed) really well and add a nice bit of contrast to the painted wood on the rest of the desk.

Then I stained the top…

And then I put on the first coat of Artissimo paint.  And I knocked over the cup with my paint in it and said a ‘farm word’ which my girls quickly corrected me on!  Oops!!  I tried to use as much of that paint as I could so not to waste it, thankfully it’s just the first coat and the chunks can easily be sanded out…sweeping the floor was on my list…. 😉  And from there on out, I’m happy to admit I just used the word ‘crap’ and nothing worse….

Just keepin’ it real for you!  That’ll probably be the last you’ll see of the desk until the big final reveal, I need to keep some secrets to show you at the end of it all!

The chair that I use at that desk will need to change up a bit, too….yes, I’m adding MORE projects to my list!  This is a road-side score that I grabbed while traveling with the handsome Mr. Byrne….can I just add how mortified he was that I stopped and loaded this number in the car! 😉 Now, probably about 2 months ago, I decided I would give it a facelift and painted it but now I need to change it again! I’m not loving the yellow…so it got a coat of a custom grey I mixed for another project.  And the seat? Yeah, that’s paint!  I used Fusion Mineral Paint and waxed it!  We’ll see how it holds up but I’ve heard great things about it so I thought I’d try it for myself!

Office Chair Before Before:

Office Chair after Makeover 1.0:

Office Chair with one coat of Makeover 2.0:

The floor will be going painted with Benjamin Moore’s Porch & Floor paint, which I have used many times in the past and I love it.  I think painting out the floor will really make the space feel less like a workshop off the garage and more like an intentional space.  It will also hide all the various colours of paint I’ve used over the last three years and force me to use a drop cloth!  The colour I’ve decide on is Pacific Ocean Blue 2055-20.

One of the other project on my To-List is to paint out the doors between the studio and the garage and the door to the outside.  I’m very sick of this blue.  Very, very sick of it.  All the doors and all the shutters everywhere here at Clear Day Farm are painted this colour and when we get the house painted this summer, I’m changing them all!!  The interior sides of these will just go back to white, just to freshen them up and to keep it light and bright.

So, let’s review my To-Do list:

Sew curtains for the prep table

White wash the walls

Paint the floor

Frame the chalkboard

Paint the sewing desk

Paint and hang the corner cabinet

Paint the doors

Paint the sewing chair

It looks like I can only cross one and half tiny tasks off the list this week.  Oh well, I do feel like I’ve made some progress!  The biggest task is just going to be to move everything out to get at the walls and the floor to attack those painting projects! Ugh!  And I know I need to do considerable sorting to pair down what makes it back in. But we’ll save that for another week, I guess!!

To be continued,


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  • Stacy G. - April 13, 2017 - 10:38 am

    That desk! It’s a beauty. You are doing great this week!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - April 13, 2017 - 6:40 pm

    Love that desk! Can’t wait to see what it looks like after you’re finished!ReplyCancel