On the Hunt for Love

Christmas is all put away.  The house is looking meh.  I think I want to decorate for Valentine’s day.  Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

So, here’s what I’m thinking….cream pom-pom garland, maybe a red, pink and cream pom-pom wreath, add some red to my china cabinet.  I think I’d like to make a few different signs, too.  I just want to add a few touches here and then, nothing over the top.

When I mentioned this to the girls, they said it was months away and that I didn’t need to worry yet.  But I know me and I know my schedule and I know I need to strike when the iron is hot. So, I’ll head to the studio later and start seeing what I have, what I need and if any other ideas come to me.

I’ll dig through some stuff, dig out some red things that I know I have stashed away.  I think there might even be a few things I dig back out of the Christmas decorations and turn into Valentine’s Day decorations, too.

Fast forward a few days….


I pulled out some red bits and pieces, did a little pom-pom making, fired up the hot glue and got to work.  Unless I go buy more yarn, there won’t be a pom-pom wreath, but I’m okay with that.  Since I don’t knit, it’s hard to justify buying MORE yarn just for pom-poms….

I decided it was time to pull everything out of the china cabinet and give it a good reworking.  I drug a bunch of things in from the the studio and gathered up some things that I had tucked away for a bit.   I wanted to get rid of the green and pull in red to pair with the turquoise.  You know, my favourite colour combo ever! 🙂


I love my little pink button heart sign!  I got that stash of buttons at that estate sale in Cape Breton where I also scored my brass deer!  The pink board was one I had painted a long time again and it sat, unfinished under my work table for a very long time.  Having boards prepped and ready to rock is great, then I can create without having to go buy wood, paint it and then patiently wait for it to dry….  I sketched out a heart with chalk and then started glueing all the buttons on.  Oh, note to self….put the hanger on the back before you start glueing buttons on the front….


I strung up my Denim Heart bunting but it didn’t stay….I want something a little softer and less colourful. I know, me saying I want less colour, what’s with that!?!?  I found the bunting in the picture at the Village Gift Shop in Tatamagouche, it’s really a Christmas one that was marked down 75%!!  I think it’s exactly what this needed to finish it off!


The bookends were another Tatamagouche score from years ago that got a coat of spray paint when I redid Lena’s room many moons ago.  The books are old Reader’s Digest books with the covers pulled off, I use those as canvases for my mixed media projects.  I knew I had an old, red book kicking around, which colour-wise was spot-on and then I read the title…..bahahaha!!


I spent a whooping $12 on decorating for Valetine’s Day this year.  I used things I had in the house or the studio.  I’m trying to be a little more aware of what I’m buying since I already have so much stuff!  I have a stash of fabric, craft supplies and furniture to draw from, plus all my decorations.  There isn’t really any reason why I can’t actually use what I have!  It forces me to be creative and to repurpose what I already have – win win in my books!

Am I crazy? Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Normally I wouldn’t…or not to the extent I did this year.  But the china cabinet really seemed to need a refresh, so it seemes like Valentine’s Day was a good excuse.  And basically, I don’t have to remove much to make in ‘normal’ again, either, which is a win in my books.

To be continued,


  • Reg - January 26, 2017 - 6:20 pm

    Love the button art… so simple, yet so adorable!ReplyCancel

    • lori@farmfreshstyle.ca - January 26, 2017 - 6:59 pm

      Thanks, Reg! It was so fun to do!ReplyCancel