Mini House Tour

Since my last post was about where we started with this house, I thought I would share a few pictures from around the house as things presently stand.  It takes effort to get the house photo ready!!  After I wrote that last post, I got to cleaning and hired my crew who does ‘Twoonie Tasks’ to get the house ready to take pictures to share.

What is a Twoonie Task you ask?  Just the most genius thing I ever thought of, that’s all.  I yard sale, I drag my girls along who like to shop, too.  So, I decided they need to earn yard sale money, so I invented Twoonie Tasks – small jobs that are worth $2 to me to NOT have to do them myself.  Such as cleaning toilets, sinks or vacuuming.  I’ll gladly pay my children to do them.  🙂  And then they are responsible for having spending money for yard sales.  See? Genius, I tell you!

But that’s not really where I was going with this!!  I get distracted.  Often.  House. Pictures. Tidy.  Right……that’s where I was.  I love this house and how things are coming together.  Things change and develop and pieces get added, plants get moved around and so on.

So – presently – the house looks like this:

The Living Room

house july 2105house july 2105house july 2105

{ The cabinet in the right hand corner is new to us!!  I’m excited to get it painted up with some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and properly decorated and dressed!  I have to remove the screws in the wall above it and re-hang some artwork, too.  And find homes for a few nests, too……sheesh, it never ends….which I love about decorating my home!! }

The Kitchen

house july 2105house july 2105

Lena’s Collections

house july 2105house july 2105

My Favorite Gallery Wall

house july 2105

My hope is over the next week to document a bit more to show you.  I love having pictures of the house and how things currently are.

I was looking at pictures of our last place HERE and I love how it looks and I know over time our new house will come together and become a cohesive place, too.  Or maybe it is now?  Hard for me to know – I see it through my own eyes and so I can’t tell – so hard to be objective for your own space!!  And maybe I feel like the old space is more cohesive because it was smaller and I’m not used to having more wall space and open areas?

Anyway – I hope you enjoy this mini tour, with more to come!

To be continued,



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