Meet Ebony

We have a new addition to our little farm and family!  Meet Ebony, our little Shetland pony, who just joined our family yesterday afternoon.  She’s a little firecracker who, I think, will fit right in around here.

Our girls are horse crazy and have been for quite a while.  But committing to a horse seemed like a huge step.  And honestly, we weren’t even looking for a pony.  But when my friend, Rebecca of Pearl & Daisy, posted a Kijiji ad about a sweet little pony who was looking for a new home, I sent the link to Michael and basically started to beg.  And then I played the winning card…..telling the girls about her….and that pretty much sealed the deal.  There was messages back and forth with Rebecca, asking questions and making arrangements for a visit.

As much as we wanted a pony, we need she had to be the right fit.  So our first visit to Ebony was to meet her and check her out.  And we told the girls if it isn’t a good match then we can’t take her.  Thankfully, it went well, even though it was a springy kind of day and Ebony was feeling it.  I took a few pictures during our visit and I love this one of Lena, sharing breath with Ebony.  This is how Ebony gets to know someone and be comfortable with them.  This was a special moment caught between the two of them, and I love Rebecca’s expression in the background.  Rebecca has two girls who have outgrown Sweet Ebony and so it seems quite perfect that Ebony should find a new home with two girls again.

I’ll admit I was nervous about trailering Ebony home.  But I guess I didn’t need to worry.  She was fine, freaked out, yes, but she did great.  Admittedly, it wasn’t the easiest task to get her on the trailer but with a ramp and some apples for bribery and loads of patience, we got her on.  Huge thanks to Gordon and Morris MacKinnon for the lend of the trailer { and not taking 2 hours to show Michael the cows 😉 } and to Dad for the truck.

When we got her home, we took her straight to her paddock behind the barn and let her run around a bit, showing her the fence line so she wouldn’t try to bolt through it.  I lead her in and out of the barn a few times, too, but she was more interested in grazing on what bits of green grass she could find.   The girls were in the pasture with her but still a bit nervous of her since they don’t know how she’ll react quite yet.  But each visit to the barn they get more and more confident around her and she is settling in quite well.

Today is blowing like mad and cold, cold, cold and we let her out in the paddock and she loves it!  We’re freezing in the barn and she couldn’t care less about the weather!  They make those Shetland ponies tough!  I think her outdoor weather is not going to be the same as ours!  She has a shaggy coat to keep her warm in weather like this!

I’m excited for our family to have this sweet girl in our lives.  I look forward to working with Ebony to get her settled in and hopefully ready to ride again.  The girls will have so much fun with her!  We’ve laid down the ground rules and fully expect no trouble, the girls realize the honour and privilege of being responsible for this precious pony.  I have fond memories of our pony Chestnut that we had growing up, and I’m happy that our irls will have these memories, too.  Chestnut was your typical stubborn pony and I think Ebony may have some of those some pony tendancies, but that’s what builds character, no?  But this face, though…..

I’m sure Ebony will be a popular face on my blog and Instagram.  I’m even toying with giving her her own Instagram account….but we’ll see about that – I’ll let you know!!

Now, we’re off to the barn yet again!

To be continued,