Lookin’ Good Around Here

Every once in a while, I do something, blog about part of it, change something and never tell you what else I did.  Or fail miserably at a project, give up for a bit but then push on and succeed….sort of.

It’s probably no secret that I’m a fan of buntings.  I’m not sure if they are still ‘hip & cool’ but I love them regardless.  When I did over the old window frame my friend’s mom had given me, I certainly loved it.  But it lacked……something.  Hmmmm, a bunting would complete it.

My friend, Alena, crocheted a bunch of hearts for me to use on various projects { pillows and signs } and she had bits of yarn left over so she crocheted some tiny hearts for me. And I love love love them!!  I strung them on red thread and hung them across the frame.  Just what it needed!!!

Window framewindow frame

The other project that lingered around my workshop table for far too long, was the sign I wanted to make for the laundry area.  Remember my Pinterest Fail?  Well, it’s hung!!

laundry signlaundry sign

I ended up not painting over the the whole thing and removing the vinyl letters.  I got the letters placed and loved how it looked so I left it.

This covers the flue clean-out just perfectly.  And it is easily hung with 3M velcro strips so we can just pop it off whenever we need to access the clean-out.

There you go!! A few things looking better around here and a few things of my list!  Enjoy!!

To be continued,