Long Weekend Leisure

Well, what a weekend!  The weather was great, but the time we had together was even better!  We had a blast celebrating our great country by exploring it as a family.  We admired it’s beauty and mystery, and marveled at its history.

Canada Day 2016

I enjoyed the quiet mornings sitting on the porch, sipping coffee and reading or wandering the yard and photographing the flowers that are in bloom at the moment.  We moved at our own pace and had slow starts and late nights.   Lena and I took a pyjama wander down the road to my parents one morning and Hannah and I weeded the garden in our jammies the next.  But sometimes its fun to be able to do whatever!

Clear Day Garden

On Canada Day, we traveled along the Sunrise Trail west and then over to Joggins Fossil Centre.  If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it.  It is fascinating.  I won’t go on about the periods and the how or the anything, because you need to go check it out for yourself.  But I will tell you we found fossils, laying right there on the beach.  And I think that is pretty amazing  To hold a rock that is shaped like a root of a tree that is millions of years old….yeah, pretty darn neat!

Canada Day

Canada DayJoggins Fossil Centre

I especially loved the architecture of the building and the fact they had a green roof.  An ordinary building would do the job, but why not go all out and do something amazing? Plus they had a giant rock maze so while I admired the building, the kids ran around the maze…..and then so did I!

Joggins Fossil Centre


Canada Day

We played tourist some more on our way home and hit Parrsboro for an East Coast meal; scallops, seafood chowder and fish & chips for supper! We also met a sweet older couple from Alabama who were traveling around the Maritimes.  I love chatting with strangers and hearing a bit of their story and finding out how they are enjoying their trip to my province.

Harbourview - Parrsboro

Heading down along the coast, we stopped at a light house and Five Island Provincial Park.  It’s pretty amazing that the geography can change so much from coast to coast in our little province.  I think we’ll plan a camping trip back there this summer…or next for sure.

Five Islands


Saturday was a much more laid back day.  We ran errands, mowed lawn and painted furniture.  Nothing too exciting but yet we had fun.  Not all the days can be spent traveling and exploring.  The work still needs to get done.

Clear Day Garden

Sunday morning landed us at Sugar Moon Farm in Earltown for a tasty brunch.  I always love it there and yesterday was no exception.  Our waitress, Jackie, was wonderful and then it turns out she’s the best friend of one of my dear friends.  Go figure!  Then we drove to Tatamagouche for salad ingredients and more coffee….always more coffee!  Is it bad when they write your name on your coffee?

Canada DayWe stopped at home long enough to throw the salad together, pack bathing suits and then we hit to road again for a nice, relaxed afternoon at my in-laws.  The girls swam, I took pictures for an upcoming blog post and then we all sat down to a big BBQ feast.  Of course, we can’t go there without a visit to the horse pasture!

Canada Day


It’s weekends like these, where we just do whatever we want, that really spell summer to me.  No set schedule, no plans….yep, feels like summer.  I look forward to more weekends of down time but, of course, I want to explore more and roadtrip and do fun things, too!

Canada Day

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, celebrating our great country in your own way, making your own traditions.  Spending time with loved ones is always high on my list of ways to spend special days!

To be continued,