Lintel Coat Rack

Can one have too much storage?  Too many places to hang a coat? Too many hooks around the house? I thought not.

There is nothing worse than not having a hook for coat or bag when you need one.  I feel like I’m always looking for more way to incorporate more hooks in our house so that I’m not finding things laying on the floor.  So, today we’re partnering with Phillips & Chestnut again on a great project for around the house to help solve the storage issue with a great piece of salvage….a lintel. { You can read my first parntered post HERE }

Have you heard of a lintel?  Not to be confused with a lentil, that’s something completely different and I’m not much into showcasing recipes here.  According to Google, the source of all knowledge, a lintel is a horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete or steel across the top of a door or window.  They are sometimes also referred to as a Boston Header. So, once upon a time, this hung across the window or doorway of an old home.  And now?  Wellllll, it’s getting a makeover and a slight re-purpose so that it not only looks good, but has a function in our home.

I love the detail on this one, it has some great mouldings.  I did have to do a few little repairs, gluing a broken piece of trim back in place.  But it was an easy fix and being able to keep the gorgeous trim was a must.

I painted the lintel with a coat Miss Mustard Milk Paint.  My only prep work was a quick scuff sand, I’m pretty low on prep work.  Then I painted two quick coats of the mixed milk paint.  Now, I can’t tell you what the colour is, it’s a mix of Farmhouse White and Schloss, you know, use up the last bits of what you’ve already got mixed. 😉

After the two coats were dry, I gave it a light sand with 220 grit sandpaper.  I didn’t even bother sealing it.  It isn’t going to get hard use where I want to hang it { which is still up for debate… } and I love the raw paint finish.  I added some beautiful hand-forged hooks from R+R Handmade, a local blacksmith and artist couple whose work I greatly admire.  I love how simple they are!  And honestly, I had bought other hooks, but because of the depth of the moulding along the top, the hooks weren’t going to work.  So, Plan B was put into motion and I’m glad that Plan A didn’t work, I love this look and am so happy with the finished product.

With Christmas closing in on us, I styled it with a few stockings.  This is the perfect place to hang your stockings if you don’t have a fireplace in your home!  How sweet is this?  I’m loving this little vignette in my studio!  I almost hate to take it down and bring the stockings into the house for Santa to fill.

Here’s a close up of one of the handmade hooks by Ruben – I love the curl!

Sweet, eh?  I’m really pleased with how it turned out!  I love taking something old and forgotten and making it into something pretty and useful!  Repurposing or upcycling is so fun!  And a sweet place to hang stockings – even better!

Think if I find some more stockings for the house, Santa will fill them ALL?

To be continued,


PS I recieved free product for this blog post from Phillips and Chestnut, but my take on it all is just that 😉