Leave No One Behind

I have a problem.  I have an awful soft spot for butter knives.  When I go looking for spoons for making jewelry, I always find butter knives.  And I feel bad for them, no one uses butter knives anymore.  So they get left behind. Until I come along.  I take them home and add them to my collection of random silverware.

I mean, look at them!!  Look at the details on that one on the right!! So sweet!!


And then there were these itty bitty, teeny weeny ones.  I’ve never seen a fork so little!  And the design on the spoon, well, it had to come home, too!


And the pie lifters….I have a plan for those!!  They’ll be coming up for sale soon!!  But not as they are, of course!! 😉


This is the problem when looking for silverware – I just need spoons…..but then all these other goodies call my name and I’m a sucker for pretty silverware.  Sigh.

If I didn’t feel the need to make jewelry, I would set the prettiest of tables.  I’d look for pretty dishes and silverware and glasses.  I’d lay out the linens and light the candles.  But, alas, the call of the anvil, hammer and drill calls louder!!

To be continued,