Lavender Fields

Is there anything more beautiful than a field of lavender in bloom? How about some sweet girls in said field?

A few weeks ago, we paid a visit to the Seafoam Lavender Farm in, you guessed it, Seafoam! The fields were blooming and the bees were buzzing.  We’ve gone before last summer with another of the girls friends and this trip we had my friend Catherine’s daughter, Gabby, with us for the visit.  The girls love to play hide and seek among the rows and I love to photograph the flowers, the bees and the girls.

Gabby and Lena have been friends from the beginning.  Catherine and I carried these two at the same time, there is only 4 months between them and that mat leave solidified our friendship.  They grew up together.  So, I love to see them together and such good friends still.  Next September they’ll even finally be in the same school together and I hope their friendship withstands the trials and tribulations of pre-teen middle school.  They are so carefree together and so enjoy the company of each other.  If it’s been too long since their last visit, they beg to together.

The pace of life among the lavender seems to really slow down.  I always feel like I have all the time in the world to linger among the rows.  Apparently Hannah finds it pretty relaxing as well….

When the lavender is in bloom, they operate a U-Pick of sorts where they school you in clipping lavender blooms and set you out among the rows.  We happened to be there when it was blooming so I couldn’t resist the chance to collect some.  lena helped me and you can see she took it very seriously.  When you go to pay for your bouquet, they also give you drying instruction so I did as I was told and hung it in my closet which is dark and dry.  So, now I have some dried lavender around the house.

It was a pretty windy day so I wasn’t able to capture too many non-blurry pictures of the bees that were busy pollinating.  But it’s still fun to try and I managed to get a couple.

This one from last year still blows my mind….a bee with its tongue stuck out?!?!?!

I hope that you all have the chance to slow down and soak up some time with friends in peaceful places, whether it’s the lavender field, the beach or a cabin in the woods with the people you love!


To be continued,