Laundry Laundry Everywhere

I do not enjoy doing laundry.  I love having clean, neatly folded clothes.  I do not enjoy the process of going from wearing clean, fresh clothes to wearing clean, fresh clothes.   I do not enjoy gathering up dirty clothes, sorting them, turning all those little sleeves and pant legs the right way or flipping socks outside in.

I remember back before I had children and it was just the handsome Mr.Byrne and I.  Laundry wasn’t a big deal.  A couple loads a week.  Fold, put away – no biggie.  I even remember saying to my sister that laundry in a basket near drove me foolish and I couldn’t handle it.  She laughed.  She knew.  She had two little boys at home….she knew what I had coming.



Fast forward to now.  We are lucky if the laundry makes it into the right room now, let alone folded in a drawer.  Switching loads means finding an empty chair to house the load you just pulled out of the dryer.  No, wait, the HALF load you pulled out of the dryer, we’ve been getting dressed out of that load for a few days now.

Yes, it still drives me crazy to have clothes in a laundry basket.  But, I am thankful for the fact I can do my laundry at home.  I am thankful that we have clothes to wear when there’s a load in the washer.  In the summer, I am thankful for my clothes line and the smell of freshly dried clothes.  I am thankful doing laundry is really as easy as it is.  I’m thankful for the dressers and closets we have to store our clothes in.  I’m thankful for the fact that we have received hand-me-downs and that they go from one to the other and then on to someone else.  I am thankful that doing laundry does not involve walking down to the river and washing the clothes on the rocks.  We really are quite spoiled, so why am I complaining?


Lena is getting pretty interested in the ins and outs of sorting and loading the washer.  I guess it is time to appoint more responsibility to them in regards to the laundry situation here.  Any help is appreciated.  Mom walked through the door here the other day and said something like, “Laundry Service” and I almost kissed her feet until I realized she was just delivering Hannah’s clean clothes from the other day at the farm.

The best feeling?  When you open the dryer and it’s already empty!

To be continued,