I’m Currently Into….Farm Fresh Version

New blog series alert!!  Once a month, I’m going to share with you some things that I saw out in the big, bad world that caught my eye.  Because if I like it, I’m sure there are other’s who will, too!

I love those light bulb moments.  They can be complete game changers, right?

I had one a few weeks back and I have fellow blogger, Erin, of DIY Passion to thank for it.  As bloggers, we are always looking for things to share with our readers and sometimes its hard to think of ideas for posts.  So, at our last East Coast Media Moms Workshop { which I will share next week so hang tight } we chatted about creating content for our blogs.  And Erin shared one post that she does on a regular basis, and she threw the title, ‘S@*t I Like’ out there and we all drew a collective breath and said, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

So, here we go!  I am always loving certain things I come across on social media and feel like saying, ‘Hey, guys, did you see this? How neat is this? Man, I’m totally digging this…’ but I’d look weird doing that sitting at home all by myself.  Instead, I’ll use my voice on the blog over here, where it actually makes sense and doesn’t seem so weird.

This version of ‘I’m Into…’ is brand based, and an easy place to start.  I see Farm Fresh stuff everywhere and I love it, of course!  That’s what I called my blog after all! So, thus this round-up’s theme was decided!  I will include the link on the products so you can hop over and buy it if you feel so inclined, if there’s the purchase option available.  Now, to be clear, I’m not making anything off this and if that ever changes, I’ll be sure to alert you so things stay transparent over here.

Here we go!!

How adorable is this print?  I love the idea of kids running around in the yard, living the farm life!  You can see the Etsy listing HERE. (Photo from the Etsy listing) And chippy blue chairs for the win, right?

I follow this fabulous account on Instagram called Vintage North and they sell modern farmhouse accessories here in Canada! Loving this tea towel with the classic animal stack in my favourite colour!  You can follow them on Instagram HERE and shop this tea towel HERE. (Photo from their listing)

Umm, so yeah, I want this.  How cute would that be set up at my Homegrown Vintage Market? Or at the end of our driveway selling extra garden produce?  So who has an old truck bed they want to be rid of?  I have seen this image floating around the internet for a bit now and I always love it.  I tried to link back to the original post, but I couldn’t…so the source is Pinterest – you know, where all great ideas come from!

And one last final item that I created myself in my studio.  Farm Fresh Eggs anyone?  This little number is actually for sale.  I thought I’d offer him up here, although I’m trying to compile work for the Homegrown Vintage Market that’s coming up on August 5th.  The wood is from a local barn and then stenciled and hemp oiled to bring out the colours and richness of the aged wood.  $28 plus shipping, if you’re interested.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this round up of Farm Fresh related items.  I think I’ll probably aim to do this once a month and center it around a theme each time.  If there’s a certain theme you’d like me to explore, leave a comment on this post!

To be continued,