Well guys, this week marks a year!!  A whole year that we’ve called Clear Day home. I can’t believe what a change from the house we took possession of last July to what we live in today to .  It’s certainly become home.  And we have made it our own!

Here’s a few pictures that remind me of just how far we’ve come!!

clear day farmsclear day farms

clear day farmsclear day farmsclear day farmsclear day farmsClear day farms

We’ve done so much work.  It’s come so far!  It doesn’t even feel like the same house or yard!

But, sigh,  I see how much there is left to do!!  New light fixture in the dining room, a tree to cut down, a tire flower bed { ????? } to get rid of, weeds to pull, lawn to mow….and kitchen that will eventually get completely re-done.  And at that time, we’ll add a light fixture to the front entry. { One of the most annoying things about this house!!! }  Find a rug for the laundry area as well as white cabinets.

But this is home.  Our girls have settled in and we are busy building our lives here.  We are putting down roots and we are leaving our mark here.

The handsome Mr. Byrne has been busy around the yard this past year, taking care of our trees and cleaning up where the old fences were.  He moved piles upon piles of snow this past winter and mows parts of the lawn with his tractor.  I never thought I’d be so thankful to have that little tractor in our garage but man, oh man, what a relief!!  And he loves to be puttering around the yard on it.  It’s the farmer in him. 🙂

So thankful to call this piece of heaven on earth ‘Home’!  I am so appreciative that this is where I live, to everyone who helped make this dream come true.  I fell in love with this place as a teen and now, finally, call it home.

To be continued,




  • Rose - July 17, 2015 - 9:50 am

    So glad you call this lovely property home!! Happy house-iversary!!!ReplyCancel