Home Tour – Airstream Edition

I’m so excited for this tour!  It’s a little unusual but so fun, at the same time!  I mean, how often do you get to tour an Airstream?

This is a tour of an Airstream, yes, but there’s a little more going on.  It’s about connecting with our community and reaching out to strangers.  It’s about going out of our comfort zones and making a new friend as we stood in that Airstream, talking about it, about our families and our lives.  I’m so thankful for the opportunities that having this blog has given me and the new friendships that have developed because of it.  Otherwise, would I have gotten to know Sarah? Who knows! But I’m glad I did!

You see, I didn’t know Sarah, even though she doesn’t live that far from me and our kids go to the same school.  I never met her until one day a couple of years ago when she was picking up her son from the after school program when I was filling in for the regular leader.  I introduced myself but she knew who I was, she follows Farm Fresh.  { That still, to this day, blows my mind, that people know me through this! } So, we would exchange small talk in the halls at school if our paths crossed.  We became FB friends and that’s when I got to see her creative side and that we had something in common – our love for vintage!

When she shared some pictures of her Airstream trailers on FB, I knew I had to ask to do a tour and she was game!  We finally found a time that worked well for both us and we met at her place on a rainy day…so no pictures of the outside!  We chatted while I photographed and then we moved to the rec room above the garage for a cup of coffee and talked for another hour or so.

This Airstream is a 1966 Overland model and they’ve re-done parts of it to make it fresh and safe!  There’s just something about that retro styling that speaks to me!  I love it!  I wish I had one in my yard to re-do, too…except for maybe all the polishing on the outside…

Anyway – here we go with the tour!!!

It’s so cozy and inviting!  I love the little details throughout the trailer.  It’s these little touches that add warmth and personality and make it feel more like home away from home.

This little lion piggy bank was found in a property they owned when they were doing some renos.  It even has old coins in it:

Airstreams are pretty neat and have such retro styling to them, you know when you see one coming!  I love that Sarah is working hard to preserve these amazing pieces of history and keep them alive and well so we can have a glimpse into them…right down to the Airstream towels!

A special thanks to Sarah for letting my come over on a rare day off and photograph this trailer.  It’s fun to offer house tours and make new friends while I’m at it!

To be continued,