Good Bones

I’m working on some chairs to go with the bench that I had done a while back.  The bench is slightly more simple of a job than the chairs but once the chairs are complete, they’ll be awesome!

These chairs are not the same, they don’t match but certainly feel similar enough that once dressed up in matching colours and fabric, they’ll feel like a good pair.  I can see them all finished in my head, sitting in their new home, ready for use.


But let’s back up a bit to the beginning.  As in, where did they come from??  The first one I acquired come from a Kijiji ad and then the second one was indirectly from a Kijiji ad, but not for a chair. 🙂  I have never posted or responded to an ad on Kijiji, I know lots of people do but I never have. But there’s a lot of awesome furniture to be found if you have a peek.  So, when I was scrolling through the ads, a lot of the pieces I was interested in were all from the same guy.  I fired off a message and then through the messages I found out buddy sells at the flea market in town.  We made arrangements to meet so I could see what all he had.  I did leave that night with some goodies, but not a chair from him.  He did ask what else I might be looking for and I showed him the picture of the other Kijiji chair and he had one at home, but it belonged to his wife and was on her To-do list to fix up.   A few days later, I had my second chair! 🙂


Now, there are repairs I can do and repairs that feel too big for me to do.  So I look for pieces that need very little help.  Upholstery stuff I can handle, as long as there isn’t extensive sewing.  But it needs to have good bones.


I love the bones of a chair.  Such a simple structure can provide such comfort.  They can be as basic or as complex as needed.  They can be simple or decorative.  Plush or hard.  Have I mentioned I love chairs before??  Did you know I had a problem?


Hi, my name is Lori and I’m addicted to collecting chairs.

To be continued,


  • debbie - May 19, 2015 - 6:04 pm

    Hi Lori, I love your site! Just wondering, when you did your old chair, did you remove the old varnish first? I have a chair quite similar to this and always wanted to fix it up, it belonged to my grandparents and I’m kind of a sentimental person.ReplyCancel

    • - May 25, 2015 - 7:37 pm

      Hi Debbie, I don’t remove it, I use a quick sand and then add bonding agent into the Milk Paint. I’m sentimental about things, too!! It’s so nice to hold onto pieces of our history! ~LoriReplyCancel