First Yard Sale of 2016

Saturday’s forecast was gloomy and the schedule looked packed.  But when another local creative posts that she’s holding a yard sale, you juggle things around to make it fit into the day.  We may have added a few extra kilometers to make it work into the timing we had to work with, but I’m very glad we went!

Now, first off, I’d like to say I drive a car.  I knew that I needed groceries, bunny food and to swing by my seamstress’s place to pick up cushions for a client.  Also, I feel the need to add that it’s Spring Clean-Up in these parts so you never know what you might find sitting at the end of a driveway.  So, in typical Lori fashion, we didn’t even make it to our first stop and I had an old lamp in the front seat with me and 3 huge old legs in the trunk. { Yes, 3…. }

spring clean up

So, the next stop added 2 new cushions, the old cushions and the extra bits of foam and fabric.  At this stage, my trunk was almost full already!!  I debated heading home but didn’t feel like making the trek back, so we forged onward.  Next stop was the bank for cash and then off to the yard sale.  I need to make sure I keep cash on hand during yard sale season so I don’t have to first go into Pictou to get cash….I’ve got to learn!!!

The Yard Sale…..oh my!  Walking into the yard and I see so much awesome furniture!  But I don’t really need a drafting table or a wash stand….or another little painted table….but that one had been used for her paintings and it had the prettiest paint splatters!!!  { As I sit here and type this, I can see it on my doorstep with some pretty plants on it….I wonder if she sold it…. }

The first thing I decided I wanted was this sweet table and chair set for the girls.  It’s taller than most sets, which is great since my girls won’t stop growing!  I am still trying to convince them to paint it but they aren’t going for it…. 😉  { Ignore the mess of a six year old’s bedroom…. }

yard sale

I’m a sucker for milk glass vases so I picked up a couple of them to add to my collection.  I liked the interesting shape of some of these ones.  I’m thinking of a row of them in the windowsill somewhere or in a long, narrow box on the table.  Who knows, but for now, I’ll grab one or two more when I see something that catches my eye.  {And here, please ignore supper still on the table, too!!! }

yard sale

Of all the metals, I think copper is my favourite, so this windchime made with marbles and copper was a no-brainer for the front porch.

yard sale

And then I saw the fish.  Driftwood base and post with a whimsical fish in one of my favourite colours…I know it was coming home with me!  The paint is thick and lovely with lots of bits of other colours poking through.  It looks very nice in our main floor bath, which is tiny and awkward to add anything interesting to.

yard sale

My other purchase was two retro mugs in pretty shades of blue and green.  Like I need more mugs!!  But I loved the shape and colour of these!  Maybe they’ll come to work with me for afternoon tea and winter hot chocolate?

yard sale

This scene caught my eye – the pretty, lacy petticoats hanging behind a paint splattered easel where this tiny daisy painting was propped.

yard sale

One of the highlights of the yard sale was chatting with Mary Maureen and getting to meet Chris, who makes the best felted soap ever.  I threatened to come by to buy more soap from her and she even welcomed us to drop by anytime and visit her and her farm animals!  Here’s a picture of her felted soap that we purchased way back in 2013, you can read the blog post HERE.  Obviously it made an impression on me!!  Mary even sent the girls home with some goodies – a scarf for Lena and some fun foam people for Hannah!  Right up both their alleys!!

felted soap

I know these picture are not staged, they were taken with my iphone and I apologize.  I had quickly snapped them to share with a friend who loves to hear the tales of the yard sale and Spring Clean-up finds.  But I was feeling inspired to write this post and instead of staging everything and making it look perfect, I’m just keeping it real for you!

This is just yard sale #1 of the season.  I hope to get some other goodies and useful things for around the house.  It’s always so much fun!  But, I think I need a bigger vehicle!  Although we did manage to squeeze everything into the car, but there wasn’t much room to spare….should’ve taken a picture of that!

To be continued,



  • Sylvia Estey - May 15, 2016 - 9:57 pm

    Is Mary Maureen the yard sale lady? Would she have perhapsnot have sold the drafting table? I’d like to give one a try for artwork, trying different heights/positions to possibly help my poor back. Should I message her? Great finds by the way! You are a master at yard sales!!ReplyCancel