First Day of School

Today marks the start of another school year in our household.  I sent the kids off on the bus and sat down with a cup of coffee and a quiet house.

Another school year dawned, wet and humid.  The girls were pretty leggy today, we stayed out at the Pictou Ex too late but whatever.  We might even do it again, tonight, too.  But they got up, and ready and eagerly got their pictures taken. They know full-well that momma is probably going to blog about it! { You can read some of our other first day posts HERE, HERE and HERE!! }

Now here’s a funny story.  I stayed up even later, getting my awesome Letterboard all set for the pictures this morning.  I excitedly told the girls about it this morning when they came down for breakfast but they would hear nothing of it!  They wanted the chalk board that we have used for years!!  So, I can’t argue with tradition, so we wiped it clean and looked up some fun fonts on Pinterest and then did our own thing anyway.

Because it was pretty wet out, we opted to do the pictures in the barn, in hindsight, maybe not the best idea!  The lighting was crap but….here we are!

Our Lena is heading off to Grade 5, this will be her last year at our awesome little school! I’m hoping she’ll have loads of fun over the course of the year, and knowing her teacher, pretty sure she will!

Hannah is off to Grade 2 and has one of Lena’s favourite teachers this year.  I hope the two of them get on as well as they did!  Hannah really wanted her picture done with Cuddles, the cat, but trying to get Hannah and Cuddles to be still enough in the barn didn’t work well – sorry, Hannah!

I love that Hannah is sporting the exact hairdo that Lena had going into Grade 2, long bangs that needs to be pulled up, out of the way!  What is it about this age that they know exactly what they want?

Speaking of which, the girls had one special request with the chalk board and it was this:

Again, barn lighting did us no favours this morning, Ebony is blurry but the bus was coming so I did the best I could 😉  Apparently Ebony is in High School, we think her favourite subject might be lunch….what do you think?

I managed to get my Letterboard  in some pictures, anyway! When there’s a will, there’s a way!  The back and forth of a blogging mom, right?

I know there were some moms out there kicking up their heels and probably some crying in their coffee.  It is both pleasure and pain watching our babies grow up and move on, but that is exactly what parenthood is, right?

To be continued,