Fall Sunday Drive

Today I decided it would be a good day to escape the house ( and avoid a task that is looming) and deliver a pillow to a friend of mine in Tatamagouche.  Now, I love any excuse to take a drive to Tatamagouche, that little town will always have a soft spot in my heart!  I lived there for two years while I was a nanny to a little guy….who is now long into the university years!   The weather was great for a drive and the girls needed to be active and distracted.  The lack of sleep from Friday night was catching up to us all.  We decided to do a little geocaching along the way.  We found a few, didn’t find a few, too.  There were tears, wipe outs, laughter, treats and fun.  There may also be a nasty bruise, poor Hannah found a trimmed stick with the back of her thigh.  I may also have a bruise on my elbow…one must use caution while bending over and trying to not let the camera bang you on the back of the head….my elbow saved my head on that one.

Fall Sunday Drive (2)Fall Sunday Drive (3)Fall Sunday Drive (4)Fall Sunday Drive (5)Fall Sunday Drive (6)Fall Sunday Drive (8)Fall Sunday Drive (9)Fall Sunday Drive (10)Fall Sunday Drive

Fall Sunday Drive (11)Fall Sunday Drive (7)

The treasures we find are not all tucked away in a camo duct taped box.  It is in being outdoors, where things like bird’s nests are tucked under railcars or on the tip toppy most branch.  It is learning how to follow a GPS, how to be respectful of other people’s places, and how to work together as a team.  It is learning not to give up, it is learning to think outside the box. It is seeing our area through fresh eyes. It is learning that trades are permanent, and we don’t go back if you aren’t happy with what you traded.  And trades can range in worth.  Dollar Store kazoo?  Heart rock?  Same value? Not to this momma!!

Thank you to whoever dreamed up geocaching for the life lessons it is teaching my children!  They think we are just out there having fun…

To be continued,


  • Sylvia Estey - November 23, 2014 - 10:50 pm

    Great day! Thanks for sharing. Is that a photo of Balmoral Kirk? Beth Johnson that owns it, her son is Dan, my wooden sign guy!!ReplyCancel

    • Lori - November 23, 2014 - 10:59 pm

      It is the Kirk!! What a stunning building! They’ve done so much work to it, too!ReplyCancel