Creative Interview – Sarah of Rustic Mountain Designs

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve done a Creative Interview.  If you’ve been hanging around here for any amount of time, you may have read the previous ones I’ve done.  I’m excited to introduce you to someone who has been inspiring me lately to try my hand at creating a few of my own signs….but I think I should leave it up to the expert!!

Without any further ado, let me introduce you to Sarah Barnes of Rustic Mountain Designs!!  I first met Sarah when we both joined Tupperware under the Tupperware Rock Star, Angela Rae.  I certainly don’t sell Tupperware anymore but I’ve at least kept Sarah around!!


1. Tell us a little about what it is you do at Rustic Mountain Designs?

I create (and sell) wooden signs, wall art, and home decor items…all from re-purposed wood. I choose, prepare, sand, paint, and finish all items by hand. I also create my own designs and my own stencils. I hope to add more items such as shelves, racks, end tables, and some of my handmade jewelry to my business in the future!

2. How did you get started down this path of creating?  Have you always been creative or artistic?

Lol…this will probably be a long, rambling answer…I have been into handcrafts ever since I was little. I guess it all started with 4-H…Crafts, Photography and Outdoorsman were some of my favourite projects.

I used to do a bit of tole painting when I was in high school and make some painted wood crafts before I had my kids, but I guess I lost confidence and got away from it. Then came jewelry. I got into making jewelry about 7-8 years ago. I’ve had success selling my jewelry pieces locally at craft sales and to family and friends. I have also been into photography as a hobby ever since I was big enough to pick up a camera! 🙂  Last Spring, after searching for distressed “beach signs” for the deck of our camper, I decided to attempt making my own signs. I started painting and the rest is history…haha! I discovered a passion and a talent I never knew I had! 

Rustic Mountain Designs

3. How has your style developed or changed over the years?

Hmmm…to me, my style has mostly followed the same path over the years. Most of my creative work has always been nature-themed, featuring natural materials or having animal, plant, or beach themes…
I have always leaned towards making items that are simple, classic, and not too busy or “over-the-top”. I feel that classic, simple style has carried through with my work over the years.
Rustic Mountain Designs4. Who is your strongest influence starting out and who inspires you now?

I’d say one of my biggest influences starting out was my Aunt, Joanne. Growing up, I spent a lot of time around her ( I followed her around like a shadow, lol!) and she was always busy crafting. I think her craftiness rubbed off on me! 😉
Nowadays, I am inspired by my fellow “mom-preneur” friends, both in real-life and in the online world 😉 It is so inspiring seeing other Moms successfully making a living by doing what they love and following their dreams!
Rustic Mountain Designs
5. Where do you get your daily inspiration from?
I find my daily creative inspiration in many places…often, an idea just pops into my head! Other times, it is seeing someone else’s creation that gets my wheels turning. Other times, it may come from chatting with a friend or family member about a certain idea. The best source of inspiration for me, though, is found in quiet time by myself.
Rustic Mountain Designs
6. Where would you like this path of creating to take you in the next few years?
By this time next year, my goal is to expand my business to include running an online shop on Etsy, and to have my workshop/studio finished and fully functionable. In a year or two, I would love to offer sign-making classes to people :)7. What advice would you offer other people who are creative?

Wow…am really qualified to give advice? Haha! I guess I would say to make sure you always stay true to YOU. Do your own thing, make things you love and put your own unique flair into everything you do.
Rustic Mountain Designs
8. In closing – what is your favourite, most feel good thing about creating?
Aaah! SO hard to choose just one thing. I’ll have to choose my top two! I love the accomplished feeling I get when looking at a finished piece and thinking, “Wow, did I really just make that?!” I love creating pieces that can give a happy or inspiring feeling to a space.
My other fave feel-good thing is the reaction I get from people who love and buy my items. I love how something I’ve created can bring happiness into someone’s days 🙂
Thank you so much, Sarah for sharing the story of your creative journey here with us!  If you would like to talk to Sarah about having a sign made or any of the signs here, you can email her at rusticmountaindesigns @ .  I would also recommend following along her Instagram account  (here) as well as the Rustic Mountain Facebook Page (here).
To be continued,
PS Sarah also took all these pictures of her lovely signs, too!!