Clean Slate Snowshoe

Tonight, enough was enough.  The sun was setting, the shadows were lengthening and the clean field was calling.  We strapped on our snowshoes and headed for the barren wasteland known as ‘The Mailbox Field’.

The wasteland that stretched out in front of us has been begging to be explored.  No human footsteps could be seen as far as the eye could see…until the snowplow ridge…but whatever.  The girls had been eyeing this expanse for a few days.  They wanted to explore the other day, but they needed a guide to ensure their safety on the exploration mission.snowshoesnowshoesnowshoesnowshoesnowshoesnowshoe

Exploration completed.  There were coyotes heard, so they replied with their own howls.  The clean snowscape was marred and games were played.   Toes and noses got cold so the mission was drawn to a close.  And the debriefing took place over mugs of hot chocolate, as any good winter mission is ended with.

To be continued,