Christmas Trees & Concerts

Wow – has it really been that long since I blogged!?!?!  Oh my!!  Christmas will be here and gone before I know it!  Let my fill you in on the progress over here and you can all tell me that you’ve had all this stuff done for weeks! No? You are still shopping, decorating and still have to mail cards, just like me?  Awesome!  I knew I liked you!!

We had two Christmas concerts in the family again this year.  Lena had her school concert and I was so super proud of her!  She has joined the school choir which meant she was on stage a lot this year.  If you know my Lena – this is something!!  She did so well  – makes me teary to even think about it!  And her dress….reminds me of a certain wedding dress from this year….. It was fun to hear her practising her songs around the house, in the car, or with her pretend class in her bedroom.  I’m proud of her for stepping out of her normal and committing to this.  Sure makes this mom proud!


Hannah lost her first tooth at Lena’s Christmas concert, too, which added some excitement while we waited for the concert to start!  Mrs. Hardie, a retired Primary teacher and notorious tooth-puller, offered to wiggle it for Hannah and then pull it and Hannah went for it!  She was hilarious, proudly showing everyone the new hole, even people she didn’t really know!  She was so brave!!

Hannah had her concert for preschool where she played the roles of both Mrs. Claus and Mary, as she is the only girl this year!  All those boys!!  But she had a blast!  And they all are so funny up on stage – some know the words and belt them out, some don’t and it doesn’t seem to bother them either way!  They also always do a gift exchange with their friends of gently loved toys, too.  That always gets interesting, too! { No pictures of that – too blurry!! Those kids move fast! }

We also went with my sister’s family to get our tree.  We did last year, too, (you can read about it here) and loved it so much that we did the exact same thing again – we start at Sugar Moon Farm { a family favourite, for sure! } and once properly fueled, headed up to Spiddle Hill to search for the perfect tree.  Thankfully, the weather was much better than last year!  It didn’t take us long, I look for a lean tree with just the right amount of height!  It doesn’t have to be perfectly even or full but it has to catch my eye!!

IMG_9295IMG_9315IMG_9306IMG_9336IMG_9324IMG_9319It is currently in a state of undress.  It’s in the stand, it has lights on it….but that’s it!!  I did buy some pretty burlap garland for it today so once I get that on and the ornaments sorted, then I’ll let the girls go at it!!  They’ve been asking if I decorated it yet, they really, really want to do it again this year!  I will give them a selection of ornaments this year, I feel the urge to have a theme.  Woodland, of course!  Makes up for not having the antler tree that one of my children requested….

Christmas pictures are taken, cards are bought… to make the two of those things come together and end up in mailboxes….

To be continued,