Christmas Prep

Well, just a few more days until Christmas!  Our home has been a flurry of activity, like most households these days I’m sure!  I thought I’d share a few pictures of scenes from around our home over the past few weeks.

One event that the girls looked forward to was the Gingerbread House Decorating that the local United Way puts on as a fundraiser.  We took Sammy and Gabby with us this time and once again we ate too much candy and spilled way too much hot chocolate.  We had a great time, and come home with gingerbread houses, laden with candy!

christmas prepchristmas prep

christmas prep

The girls had their school concert, too.  Hannah was so excited and nervous at the same time and it was old hat for Lena.  They looked so beautiful, in their cream dresses and pretty shoes!  Both sets of grandparents were able to come, along with Jeannie, the girls’ former baby sitter. They sang and danced and just glowed on the stage.  And once it was all over, they crashed!

christmas prepchristmas prepchristmas prep

We went to a different tree lot this year than we’ve gone to the last few.  The trees all looked so good, but we narrowed it down to two and debated the characteristics of each.  Once the decision was made, Micheal chopped it down and he drug it to the truck.  The girls each picked out a small tree to take home, too, it was adorable to see them carefully select a tiny tree to carry out!

christmas prepchristmas prep

Once they got them home, they worked with Michael to figure out a tree stand for their little trees.  It’s neat to watch them go back and forth, trying to explain to him how they want it done and him try to explain to them how he was really going to make a stand.

I did a little baking, some wrapping and the tree is all decorated.  We’ve caroled, eaten, and celebrated together with our community.  There’s more planned and we still have all the celebrations to come with our families.

How are all your plans coming along?  Are you all ready for Christmas? What’s left on your To-Do list?

I’m looking forward to sharing the finished product of our trees, a tasty new recipe and my new cabinet vignette over the next few days!

To be continued,