Christmas Aftermath

christmas 2015

Christmas is officially behind us.  Does anyone else feel like we bust our butts getting ready for it for months and its over in a flash? Phew – what a whirlwind!

Christmas Eve we went to church and of course, during the candlelit ‘Silent Night’ one of the girls got burned by dripping wax….without fail!  You would think that we’d learn!  But it is still one of my favourite things about the service….so peaceful and beautiful, all the voices raised in song.  After church, Mom and Dad always stop by for awhile, watch the girls open their gift of new jammies and a movie.  This year they also got Peppermint Hot Chocolate…tasty!  The movie this year was Shaun the Sheep – I still haven’t seen it, although the girls did start watching it one day over the break.

When we tucked the girls in, we informed them we didn’t want to see them before 7am….which, of course, didn’t work.  We were opening gifts by 6:45….but I confess I was pretty excited to see if the girls were pleased with their gifts.  It’s always a gamble to see if ‘Santa’ did okay from their letters.  One girl was very detailed and the other very vague this year….which made things interesting, to say the least!  I do think Santa managed to pull it off again this year, though!

christmas 2015

I love asking the girls at the end of the day which of their gifts was their favourite.  Lena wouldn’t tell me what her fav was, I think for fear of hurting my feelings…my guess it was the giant horse picture Catherine gave her for her room and not a gift we gave her.  Hannah…well….she loved quite a few but I think the Chocolate Lab toy was her top pick!

christmas 2015

Lego is always a winner, too.  Both girls got some this year, too, plus they had a Lego Advent calendar to share.  So, you know what that means…picking up tiny pieces off the floor for a month!  { I also got to spend some time building Lego with Catherine’s son, Aleko, the other day….so much fun!  It was a great set of Minecraft Lego that had lots of different ways you can build it and two booklets of instructions! }

We had Christmas Dinner at the in-laws and then, since the weather was so incredible { 15 degrees in December!! } we headed down to the beach for a walk and then over to the horse pasture next door.  The girls love the horses and so enjoy going over for a visit, feeding them apples and grass and reaching for a pat.

christmas 2015

On our way home late in the afternoon, we stopped by my parents for a little visit and more food.  Then we took the girls home to play with their new goodies for a bit before tucking them back into bed to do it all again the next day with my family!

christmas 2015

Again, Boxing Day dawned a gorgeous day for December and we enjoyed it around Mom and Dad’s table.  The highlight this year was the guessing game we had to do for our chocolate letters as Mom couldn’t get all the right letters for us.  My letter was an ‘M’ and was labelled with “Meadowville’s Maker of Many Masterpieces”….you know, makes complete sense when you put it that way 😉  The kids enjoyed acting out the Christmas Story again, too….no real babies in the manger this year, though…my littles have long since outgrown that, so we had Hannah the sheep and Lena the angel this time around.

I hope you all enjoyed the company of those you love this Christmas Season. It is always so busy but so much fun!!

To be continued,