Carl the Kitten

I have to introduce you to Carl.  Not that Carl belongs to us, but just because Carl is so stinkin’ cute.  Carl is an adorable little kitten who is only a few weeks old.  He was born on a lawn and abandoned by his mom along with one little sibling, who didn’t make it.  How do I know Carl?  Well, my sister is a vet and so Carl came into the clinic where she works and they have been raising Carl as their own.

This kitten is being fed throughout the night, snuggled, and treated like gold!  Everyone loves Carl!!  They weigh him daily to be sure he is growing and he’s so tiny, they weigh him in grams!  And he is even starting to eat his food all by himself!  And he now uses his litter box, too!!  Such a big boy! 😀

Dawn takes Carl home with her regularly and thus we met Carl.  And Hannah fell in love.  She loves to help Aunt Dawn tend to Carl, feed him, play with him and most importantly, snuggle him.  She always asks about Carl and if she is bringing him to our house if they happen to be coming over.

Thankfully, Dawn does bring Carl over and Hannah will even be kitten-sitting Carl this week!  So expect lots of Carl pictures on Instagram, I think Carl needs his own hashtag!!  #carlthekitten




When I say Hannah loves Carl – I’m not even kidding.  I would love to get that kid a kitten or a puppy but we just aren’t there.  She does have her bunny, though, so she isn’t completely pet-less.  And, thankfully, Aunt Dawn has pets and the willingness to take Hannah home with her and let her play with them and ‘help’.  My girls absolutely love and idolize their Aunt Dawn, which is wonderful because she is pretty awesome.  Hannah wants to be a vet like her when she grows up.  And so…….


This happened!!!  We dropped Hannah off with Dawn for a few hours at the clinic and she was completely over the moon!  She wants to learn how to be a ‘clinic girl’ and this is the first step.  I can see that Hannah will spend a lot of time there with Dawn.  She got to do all sorts of neat things like weigh dogs, play with kittens, including Carl, look at blood in the microscope, look at x-rays of a pregnant dog and wear a rather large lab coat.


I’m looking forward to having Carl with us for a few days, even though I hate the smell of his cat food! Why am I excited?  Because I know the girls will love playing with Carl and tending to Carl.  And when my girls are happy, that makes me happy!

To be continued,

Lori (& Carl)