Brr, It’s Cold Out There

Temperatures have dropped and we are in full-on Winter.  Wind chill has kept the kids in at school during lunch and recess.  We had a crazy storm the other day that left roads a sheet of ice and more cars in the ditch….  But I don’t want to talk to you about the weather or driving.

I want to talk to you about something bigger, something we CAN change.


Photo credit – Christine of Wonkyeye Photography


I was given the opportunity to be Event Director for the Coldest Night of the Year, a WALK that is done locally to raise funds for our homeless shelter.  Our local shelter is called The Life Shelter and they have two different components, the Emergency Winter Shelter for displaced individuals and the Community Breakfast Program.  These are two very vital services in our town.  And the use of the The Life Shelter is up this year so the need is greater than ever.

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Can you imagine not having anywhere left to turn?  Can you imagine not having a bed to call your own?  Or can you imagine not having food in your cupboard to feed your children breakfast? No, nether can I.  When I was chatting with one lady about getting our church’s youth group involved, she said to me, “We are all 6 bad decisions away from disaster.”  That really struck home with me.  This is what the organizer of the Coldest Night of the Year, Brian Carney, is talking about in this video.  You just never know.

So, what can you do to help?  If you are local, come, WALK with us on February 21st to raise funds and awareness.   If you feel like you can’t do the actual walk, then donate your time or money to the event.  Lots of volunteers are needed to make this event happen and run smoothly.  Your financial donations will go to things like food, staff, and much needed supplies.  If you aren’t from here and want to take part, log onto the website and find the closest city or town that is taking part and get involved.  There are 82 cities and towns across Canada that will be walking the same evening. Plus, if you WALK, you could get yourself this awesome toque!!


Photo credit – Christine of Wonkeye Photography

I’m sure my friends are getting tired of hearing about Coldest Night and the latest development in our fundraising efforts but I’m really excited about what is happening.  It is amazing to watch a community get behind an event like this and run with it.  Every little bit counts.  Whether you’ve ‘liked’ our Facebook Page, donated $$$$ or signed up to WALK, it all helps.  Please, keep up the good work and get involved wherever you are!

Remember, it’s cold out there.

To be continued,