Blogging Buddies

I happen to know a few talented people.  They happen to blog.  I think you need to check them out.

1. My neighbour and friend, Christine Whelan-Hachey of Wonkyeye Photography

2. Christine and her  sheep-herding husband, Dave, also have Harrier Hill

3. My long-long friend (like since birth) Sarah has a knack for spinning and knitting at Quirks of a Fibrous Nature

4. ArtlessonSusan has started a new blog, too, in conjunction with her new website, Susan Tilsley Manley – Artist and Maker of Things

5. The dynamic duo that keeps us up-to-date on all things fashion related, Beck and Boosh

6. My new friend, Rosemary, owns a dreamy shop for a hands-on doer, Onslow Historic Lumber

7. My new go to place for home decor, Above and Beyond has started a blog, too!

It’s kinda funny because there are other bloggers that I follow and feel like we are friends but I’ve never met them….I think I need to reach out and see what I can do about that!!

How about you?  Do you have talented bloggers that you call friends?  Who else should I be checking out?

To be continued,



  • Alena - March 3, 2015 - 7:54 am

    I have one for you/ one of my very best friends (20 some years and counting) started a blog last summer (2014) Its a combination of her 2 favorite passions in life, Reading (she’s a public librarian) and cooking (which shes fantastic at). shes well written and I’ve discovered a few treasures!