Behind But Oh Well

Can you believe I used to blog daily and currently I’m lucky if I get one out a week?  Oy!!  I have so much to share and pictures to post and life events to tell you all about!  I’ll try to get to sharing a few things this week!  But first, a few pictures from a fun day of geocaching with my girls and Mom!

I love geocaching, Alena first introduced me to it last fall and I’ve been looking forward to getting back into this summer.  Today we hit the road and found a few good ones and didn’t find a few other ones.  But it’s fun, the girls like it and we get to see some neat places, places we otherwise wouldn’t be.


I usually take my camera with me when we go on a roadtrip of any sort, but I admit that my iPhone is pretty handy.  But I love taking pictures, capturing what I see, what catches my eye.  It may be random and have very little to do with the actual geocaching but…’s my blog and I can do what I want!!!! Muwhahahahaha!!!!!

So there you have it, a collection of what I saw today.

To be continued,