Beautiful View

We are being hit with yet another snowstorm.  We barely had winter up until last week and it’s been full-blown storm after full-blown storm!!  The snowbanks are high, the drifts are higher and some spirits may be sinking…..

But the nice thing about forced to staying home is that fact you can accomplish so much stuff!  I’m finishing things on my list and taking pictures, because, well, I’m actually home in the daylight.

This morning I finished off a fun, simple project.  All in all, it probably took me an hour at the most to do all the steps for this one.  So easy. And it has kind of a neat background story. Wanna hear?  Too bad…..

One of my best buddy throughout my teenage years was Mary-Beth.  We meet at youth group and became fast friends.  We may have found our way into some trouble more than once, causing her sweet mother to think I was a bad influence on her innocent daughter.  Wellllll, that’s not exactly the truth.  I’m pretty sure Mary-Beth found her way into a few hot spots without my help on more than one occasion.

Fast forward 20 or so years { eeek } and here we are.  Mary-Beth lives in Ontario with her precious family but her parents are still in these parts, I always am sure to give Colleen, Mary-Beth’s mother, a hug every time I see her because I know just how much she misses Mary-Beth. She, in return, offers me her old basement window.  I’m sure to some, this seems like an odd offer.  But, it’s an offer I would not refuse.  She knows how much I love a fun project and how much I love old stuff with a neat history.  Thank you, Colleen, and really, I am the innocent one….it was her!!! 😉

Which, in a round about way, brings us to today’s project.  Finishing, hanging and decorating the window frame.  The frame was already painted black with a perfectly chippy finish.  What I did was just rub some Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil on it.  Hemp Oil is my new favorite thing.   But that’s a whole other post!  The Hemp Oil just puts some moisture back in the wood, deepens the wood tones and makes the paint look richer.

Window Frame

Left side untouched, right side one coat of Hemp Oil

I strung picture hanging wire across the back and cleaned up the glass with regular window cleaner.  Then I hung it on the wall where we had a huge wreath at Christmas.

Basement Frame

This morning I finally printed off some black and white pictures we had done in May by the talented Christine Whelan-Hachey of Wonkyeye Photography.  I just stuck those on each pane with some tape and ta-da – it’s done!!

Window FrameWindow FrameI’m not sure if this will be staying here.  I may move it to the right side of the front living room window.  Now that the curtains are hung, I have a better idea of what art I want where on the walls.  And that spot is bare!!

LVR 2But it is all coming together!  I love how bit by bit we are getting settled into the house and claiming it as our own.  It was fun going through the pictures of what it looked like in July and how is looks now.  I’m so thankful to be here and call this house our home!

To be continued,