An Explanation

SunflowerWell, hello!!  When I look back and see that I haven’t posted anything here since the beginnning of September, I’m amazed that that much time has past.  I won’t give excuses.  I’ve been slack, no doubt.

Wanna know what?  I’ve learned something about myself., though.  I always knew that I was the kind of girl that if I started a book, I would finish it.  I don’t tend to quit part way or give up on it.  But, what I have learned, is that if I start a blog post and it’s a hard one to write, I won’t just skip over it….I’ll just avoid it.  I started a blog post a while back and it’s a tough one.  And I have mixed emtions about sharing it.  So, I didn’t write anymore posts, nor did I publish that one.  So, I was stuck in blogger limbo.  No new posts, no nothing!

I attended Blogjam 2016 on the weekend.  It was fabulous to be surrounded by hard-working people who excel at blogging.  Motivating, inspiring, intimadating, too.  But, it was the push I needed.  I need to write here, not just to entertain you, but because this is my chance to document our lives and share my thoughts.  This blog is a chance for me to express myself.

So, I will edit that hard post and I will publish it.  And I will hope and pray that it touches the lives of those who find themselves over here at Farm Fresh.  And then, I’ll write again.

To be continued,