Affection for Copper

Of all the metals, I think I love Copper the most.  What about you? Do you have a favourite metal?

copper fusion

Rosemary from Onslow Historic Lumber asked if I would be interested in trying some of the new Fusion Matthew Mead Studio Metallic, and I jumped on the chance.  I had tried the Fusion Mineral Paint before but not the Metallic.  I was excited to try it!  All the project I had seen online were so fabulous!

copper fusion

I had a couple projects in mind, I wanted to stencil with it but I wanted to flat out paint something, too.  I wanted to see how well it covered on metal and paint.  I apologize to Mr. Byrne, if you are looking for the handle for the basement hatch….it is no longer white…’s copper….you’re welcome! 🙂

copper fusion

It is so dreamy and smooth going on!  I tried it on the wooden star and it covered very well.  I was wondering about the adhesion on metal and I had a random house number that wasn’t being used for anything, so I grabbed it, too. Honestly, nothing was safe from me and the pot of Copper Fusion!  Two coats on anything covered like a dream!  I think if I had paid more attention, I’m sure I could’ve gotten away with one coat.

copper fusion

I love the Metallic Fusion with the stencils, too.  I love the softness that stenciling gives to the Copper.  It’s more subtle when applied in the thin layer that stenciling achieves.  But still has just enough shimmer to dress the painted piece up.  Plus, the arrow stencil is just plain awesome!  { This stool is the last one I have and it could be yours!!  Let me know if you’re are interested! }

copper fusioncopper fusion

My little Button Tree is the right mix of festive and rustic!  This tree was just taped off and then I stenciled inside the tape. When it was dry, I did a little sanding and then used some antiquing wax to add some more dimension.   I hadn’t used the right glue on it the first time and I would lose buttons at random but now they are staying where they belong!  Always such a learning curve, sheesh!

copper fusion

Like I said, nothing was safe…..I had painted this frame awhile ago but wasn’t sold on the solid green.  And so it sat….until I thought that a copper wash over it would be fitting.  So I painted on the copper and then with a damp rug, rubbed some of the paint off.  It really gives it the verde gris look which I love! I haven’t found a home for it yet nor a picture to put inside, but I’m really pleased with the over-all look of the copper over the green.

All in all, I love working with the Copper Metallic.  It is very easy to work with and can really be used in so many different ways.  I’d like to paint a chair a solid chair and ‘dip’ the legs in metallic….I’m sure I have a spare chair somewhere that I could do that with…future blog post?  I think so….

Special thanks to Onslow for putting some in my hand to try and review!  This has been brought to you by Onslow Historic Lumber, a company I proudly stand behind, but the opinions and messy studio are all my own.  🙂

To be continued,