I think I missed it.  I want a re-do because I wasn’t paying close enough attention.  I was too caught up in my lists, my decorating, my shopping and what I think I should’ve been doing.  And now Christmas is almost here and I don’t feel like I’m ‘ready’.

The shopping might be done, the presents wrapped and tucked under the tree.  I did some baking and shared it.  The house is looking pretty spiffy. { Hoping to show you that soon! } But my heart, it’s not ready to truly celebrate Christmas.

Pastor was speaking about what each week of Advent meant in church this past Sunday and I wanted to stand up and holler, ‘STOP! It can’t be the fourth week of Advent already, I’m not ready!’ But I sat in my pew and silently mourned the loss of yet another Advent too caught up in the prep work for what the world expects from me, not the prep work of what my Lord wants from me.

Pastor spoke of Love.  I haven’t loved enough, or the way my people need to be loved.  I failed in the Love department this advent season.  There were too many words spoke in anger, too much silence, and not enough Love.  I was too focused on deadlines, whether they were real or imagined, to Love my people properly. Pastor spoke about Love not being a feeling but a choice.  We need to choose Love above all else, above ourselves and our needs and wants.


Pastor spoke of Peace.  Oh, Peace, elusive Peace.  I wish I had more Peace.  There is so much uncertainity and turmoil in this life, in this world.  The small flicker of Peace I have, I will nuture and let that flame grow stronger and brighter in my life.  And I will do my best to share that Peace with those around me.



Pastor spoke of Hope.  The harsh realities around me make it easy to forget about Hope.  It’s so easy to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, weighed down by troubles and worries.  But the whole message of Christmas is about Hope.  The prophets spoke about it way back in the Old Testament and they cling to the Hope that their Saviour was coming.  That their way to eternal life would come into this world, years and years after they breathed their last breath.  That is the Hope we need to cling to, too.  That the tiny babe would bring us Hope. Hope for better days, Hope for Peace, Hope for the ability to Love better.


Pastor spoke about Joy.  This one hit home.  Finding Joy was my Word of the Year for 2016. { You can read aout it HERE } I love Joy.  Joy is fun….right? Do you have Joy? Joy all of the time? Or just during the easy or the fun times? Finding Joy amongst the hard times and the challenges is the true test of Joy.  As I reflected on the past year and my ability to ‘Find Joy’, I think I did okay.  But I’ll save that for another post 😉


Sunday is Christmas.  And after looking at the past few weeks of Advent, I confess that I still don’t feel ready.  But, I do now know how off track I was.  My heart is ready to do some real prep work for this most special of days.  I’m ready to peer into the manger and look at that tiny babe, in whom I put my trust.  He may appear to be a tiny babe, but we know how the story goes, we know who He truly is.  I will come to that manger, probably with tears in my eyes, like I have as I write this, but I’m coming with a heart ready for Him.

Are you really ready and I’m not talking trees, treats and gifts. Is your heart ready?

To be continued,


  • Laura - December 20, 2016 - 9:44 pm

    You know – I think it is ok to feel these feelings in Advent. Like we missed it, like we need more of it, like we are longing for it – because that’s how we remember not to miss Who’s coming, that’s when we feel the need and long for Him. Advent is about that longing and that needing. Embrace it as you prepare your heart. ❤️ReplyCancel

    • - December 20, 2016 - 9:49 pm

      Thank you, Laura. I think you are right…that longing is exactly what we need!ReplyCancel