A Seaside Getaway

Michael and I escaped this past weekend to Oceanstone Seaside Resort.  And we never wanted to leave.  Have you been there? Did you have the same problem?

I first went to Oceanstone for a blogging workshop back in June { which you can read about HERE } and had fallen in love with the seaside cottages, the sweet interiors and nestled-among-the-trees location.  I knew I wanted to go to spend the night with the handsome Mr. Byrne.  Between work schedules, raising kids and life in general, it had been quite some time since he and I had a night away.  In fact, on our drive to Oceanstone, we determined that our romantic getaway to Beef Expo back in 2012 was our last solo, kid-free trip {which you can read about HERE}

Michael picked me up Friday afternoon and we headed south.  The sun was setting, the roads were clear, it was all good.  I knew my girls were in good hands with Heidi and her girls and Dad was in charge of the menagerie of animals we left behind.  We could relax and enjoy ourselves.  Just us.  Phew.

We had planned to grab supper along the way and happened across Vernon’s T-Bird Diner in Hammonds Plains.  There was a line-up for the restaurant so we grabbed take-out and continued on our way.  We drove the winding road towards Peggy’s Cove and Oceanstone, keeping an eye out for our stop since by this time it was dark.  But the well-lit sign welcomed us and we pulled into the wooded oasis and went to check in.

Guys – we all love an up-grade, right?  Well, due to a slight water issue, we got upgraded to the Captain’s House.  I had been through the Captain’s House on our tour in June, I knew how lovely that cottage was and I had been showing Michael the various cottages, too, so he knew what a great upgrade that was, too! Wahooooo!!  We let ourselves into the cottage, to find chilled wine, Lure Caramels and a nice note waiting for us.  Michael unloaded our bags and got right to work of lighting a fire in the woodstove.

I have to say, I love wood heat.  I laid on that couch and did very little.  Wood heat makes me drowsy and lazy, which is exactly how I wanted to spend my time away.  I’m not one to sit still and do nothing.  But give me a wood stove and I’ll turn into a lazy lump.  I miss the wood heat from our past houses, but I probably accomplish more now without it 😉  But relaxing was the name of the game this weekend!!

I snapped some pictures from around the cottage to share with you.  This cottage has lots of room and could sleep up to 8. And all the rooms had a lovely view of the water, too!  When it was getting light in the morning, I raised the blinds and crawled back in that king-sized bed and enjoyed the ocean-view.

After some coffee, we took a walk down to the beach and around the resort.  It was a beautiful morning even though it was fresh out, but thankfully there was no wind.  I took a ton of pictures on the beach, but I’ll save those for another post!

I love this picture of Michael, you can take the boy out of the fishing boat, but it is never far from his mind or heart.  He also spent lots of time watching a fishing boat checking his traps just out in the cove.

It was so nice to have the chance to explore Oceanstone together and have a relaxing time away from kids, home and life in general.  We left reluctantly, but it helps to know that we’ll be back some day again, but probably with the girls in tow!  Or maybe a bloggers retreat is in order?? Hmmmm – so many options and I’m looking for any excuse!

To be continued,


Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary night’s stay at Oceanstone, but my take on it is just that 😉

Want to book your own stay?  Click HERE for their website!


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