A Close-Up of Kings Landing

I took too many pictures to share in just one post – you know me!!  This is picture heavy but close-up, the small details of Kings Landing.

I tend to shoot tight and close when I photograph things.  So, it was no different when we toured Kings Landing in New Brunswick this summer, which you can read about HERE.  I saved some of the smaller details, the close-ups to post together in one post.  I love the textures and the details in historic places, they aren’t shiny and new, but aged and weathered.

Here we go!!  This first one is a lantern on a buggy.  Not only increasing safety, but beautiful, too!

These mossy slate shingles are amazing to me! Stacked so neatly and still so disorderly with the moss!

Apparently I have a thing for the patina of door knobs. Here’s a few I saw around the site…

This was something one of the staff set out for us to guess what it was….any guesses what it might be?  I’ll give you a hint that they would be in sets of four….

I loved the bright colours of the seed packets, the vintage drawings are awesome, too. Also, the price can’t be beat!

This is a toaster, if you can imagine. I can see that I’d burn a piece or two…

This huge wooden wheel is part of the saw mill.  This kinda blows my mind, I have to say….

There’s lots to see at the General Store but this little twine dispenser caught my eye.  How many yards of twine were pulled through there, while shoppers got the latest news about the community!?!?

This final shot was one I took in the Kings Head Inn where we had the best lunch.  The tables were dressed with cloth napkins, the waitresses were in full costume and the lemonade was sooo tasty but not quite as good as the coffee.  We had a late lunch so by the time we finished up, the lunch crowd was gone and we had our dining room to ourselves.  It was perfect to recharge for an afternoon of exploring.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Kings Landing through the lense of my camera.  We enjoyed our time there, exploring as a family.

And to answer the question about what that thing was? It’s a horse shoe of sorts for walking horses on mud flats!

To be continued,


This post was sponsored by Kings Landing by my take on it is just that 😉