Ist Sunday of Advent

Today was the first Sunday of Advent.  I always look forward to the Advent Season and I’m determined to really make the most of it this year and not miss a second.

Each year, we get swept up in prep mode for Christmas.  Last year, I wrote about wanting to back up and have a do over { which you can read HERE } but I don’t want to feel that way this year.  I want to soak up every last drop of the anticipation.  I don’t want to miss a song, a light or the chance to spread some love.  I don’t want to miss the baby in the manager for the shopping, baking and decorating.

So, this year, I thought that I might take a few minutes each Sunday evening to capture some of my thoughts here as we prep for Christmas.  And so we begin on this first day of Advent.

This morning found us sitting in our usual pew at church, nestled in beside my parents, singing carols.  Music has such a strong connection to certain events, Christmas especially.  We sang ‘Emmanuel’ this morning and I have to say, of all the names of God, that is the one that strikes closest to my heart.  I’m not sure if it because the church I spent my early years in was Emmanuel Christian Reformed Church or if it is the thought that God is here with us, among us.  Whatever the reason, I love that name.

Pastor Teal spoke about a baby, swaddled in cloth, by his young mother.  This baby, the one we wait for, is Emmanuel.  He is God with us, in human flesh.  This is why we celebrate.  This is why we gather to sing  & worship and even spend time ‘adventing’ { yes, I totally made that word up, but it’s the right word, no? }  We celebrate the Emmanuel, that tiny babe who is God among us.

The first Sunday of Advent is Hope.  We, as Christians, are filled with Hope.  We know the story so well.  We’ve heard it told and re-told over the years.  A wee baby who is the King, our Emmanuel, born in a stable, so lowly, too lowly for a King.  And yet, and yet, there He is, wrapped up tightly against the cold world, protected by His mother.  This wee baby is who generations had hoped for.  Who we still Hope for, especially in the weeks to come, leading up to Christmas.

I Hope for Emmanuel, God with us – do you?

To be continued,



  • Sheila - December 3, 2017 - 9:27 pm

    Beautiful Lori, thanks for the inspiration!. My thoughts exactly.ReplyCancel