I’m not done going on about White Point Beach!!  How is it I lived here for 41 years and am just finally realizing this treasure!?!?!  In my last post, I talked about the projects we did during the DIY by the Sea, you can read it HERE.  So, now I’m going to talk about White Point Beach Resort and show you some of my highlights around the resort.  It is an amazing place, truly, it is.  I said on Friday night, shortly after arriving at White Point, that I couldn’t wait to come back, and I hadn’t even left yet!

White Point - DIY by the Sea

White Point Beach Resort opened back in 1928, with its start as a hunting and fishing lodge.  It’s the type of resort that I can envision the old cars rolling in, dropping off families and suitcases at the beginning of the season, and people summering there.  They would spend their days catching up with their resort friends and families over fine dining or along the beach, under a big beach umbrella.  The kids would be running around, boys chasing girls, summer romances blooming.  There would be sailing  and bonfires.  At the end of the day, everyone would tuck into their cabin but I suspect there would be a few teens who would sneak out and get up to no good, too.  I’m sure that was part of the charm of it all for them, too.  In 1980, they switched to being a year-round and became a great destination for conferences and business meetings, too.

Back in 2011, the main lodge caught fire and burned to the ground.  All that history, gone in one night.  The pictures are heartbreaking.  Flames surrounding the beach rock fireplace, a Adirondack chair with a wall of fire behind it…but they began rebuilding right away and within a year, the new lodge was up and in operation.  It boasts of the skills and materials of our province.  But also the belief that White Point has something unique to offer and that with hard work and determination, great things can be accomplished.

I, for one, am very thankful that they rebuilt and continued on part of our province’s legacy.  The history, the memories and the future are all tied to this place.  I feel like Nova Scotia has so much to offer and it is places like White Point Beach Resort that make this place memorable and make our mark in the tourism industry.

One of the things I love about being an interior decorator and working with At Home, is exploring this province, meeting its people and seeing the places we call home or enjoy visiting.  Like I said in my last post, I feel very fortunate getting to go on this DIY retreat, thanks to At Home.  Being freshly inspired changes everything, you see things in a new way.  And sometimes, a get away is exactly what you need to do that.

And I think that the owners of White Point understand that.  Not only did they create a place where folks can get away and connect and relax, but I think when they traveled and sourced some of the amazing artwork and artifacts throughout the resort, they experienced that and brought it back for us to enjoy and experience.  The artwork is so varied, a tin moose head beside stuffed pheasants, folk art beside Aboriginal artwork, carved antlers beside antiques.  Not only is it unique, it will speak to so many from such a wide range of walks of life.  There truly is something for everyone.

Now, of course the main attraction is the beach.  And while I was there in February, the beach was still a huge draw.  Anytime of day, there were people strolling the beach.  I can only imagine how incredible it would be in the summer! The beach at White Point is not like our beaches along the north shore.  The sand is different, the rocks are different, just the way the sand meets the shore is different.  It was so wonderful, chilly perhaps, but wonderful none the less.  Of course I had to check it out….on Friday, Saturday morning and then again Saturday afternoon.  All the in between times we enjoyed it from the main lodge, which is perfectly situated so you can see it from the dining hall, lounge, conference rooms, pool, hot tub…pretty much everywhere!

Friday afternoon on the beach…

Saturday morning on the beach….

Saturday afternoon on the beach….you just never know what you might find….

Sunday morning…..

The other fun thing about White Point is the bunnies.  If you’ve been, you know what I mean!  There are bunnies everywhere!!  And they love people { because they expect you to have treats! }  There are little brown bags of treats by the front door and we always made sure to have some in our pockets as we made our way back and forth from our room to the main lodge.

And the food….oh, the food!!!  Everything was so good and each meal it was hard to decide which to try out first!  The buffets for breakfast and dinner were amazing, so much variety and it was all very tasty.  I did snap a few pictures but it certainly didn’t do the food justice so you’ll just have to trust me and go out for supper, lunch or even breakfast there!  I love that the locals do that, Saturday night that place was  packed!  Lots of families, couples, groups of friends gathered to enjoy a nice evening out.  Chef Alan Crosby’s food is certainly something to rave about! And he even popped in to check out our DIYing 😉  Here’s part of our group, post-dinner on Saturday evening.  We lingered in the dining room for quite a while after the last bite was enjoyed.

All in all, it is an incredible place to spend some time, being creative, making new friends and exploring!  I’m looking forward to finding some excuse to go back with my family this time, I know they would love it here, too.  If you get the chance, I would highly recommend booking at stay at White Point.  You won’t regret it!

To be continued,


So, I just spent the most amazing weekend away from home, painting, making new friends and exploring a new-to-me part of Nova Scotia.  When Wendy from Front Porch Mercantile first started talking about DIY by the SEA at White Point Beach Resort back in October, I knew I wanted to be there.  And let me tell you, the weekend did not disappoint!

White Point - DIY by the Sea

Our first night there, we went around the room and talked a little about ourselves and whether or not we had painted before.  Most people hadn’t, which surprised me, I had assumed that people who loved to paint would come to something like this, guess I was wrong…. 😉  But we got right into it, painting up our anchor that night, a nice, easy project to start with.

White Point - DIY by the Sea

Now, I love all the thought that was put into the projects we did.  White Point Beach Resort is an ocean side, old school resort { by old school, I mean spending summers by the ocean, archery, sailing, swimming while living in little cabins along the shore } so our overall theme was nautical.  We painted whales, anchors, and the colours followed suit, lots of reds, blues and turquoises.

White Point - DIY by the Sea

The other thing is that White Point is HUGE on Canada 150 and I love that!  They even have a heart with a maple leaf inside lit up on the bank, very visible from all the ocean side windows in the main lodge.  So, doing a Canadian flag was awesome.  I’m thrilled with how it turned out, the knot on the upper left, and adding the 150 on the bottom.  It’ll be a great reminder of all the fun we’ll be having celebrating this big birthday.

White Point - DIY by the Sea

Even though we were all working with the same supplies, everyone’s projects were so personal and varied.  It was neat to see the thought process everyone put into their work – where they were going to put it, what room, or if they were gifting it to someone, what colours they would like.  So, even though we started with something similar, they all ended up very unique! Here we all are with some of our finished products!

White Point - DIY by the Sea

We did 8 projects in the course of the weekend.  Saturday was doing a lot of first steps on projects and not seeing the end results until later that day or even on Sunday after things completely dried.  Trying to think of how or where you’d use all the different projects made you really stop to think about what colour combination you wanted or where something might look best.  I love how my crate with the jars turned out, they are perfect for the dining room table, but would work equally as well in my living room or kitchen, too.  I guess that’s the benefit to using the colours you love throughout your whole home!

White Point - DIY by the Sea

We certainly had a lot of laughs over the course of the weekend.  Donna Hatt, the Marketing & Product Development Manager, really broke the ice for us on Friday.  I think laughter is a language that unites people.  There was singing, dancing and that was just Pam and Wanda….  The projects were great, hanging out at White Point was amazing, but, again, for me it was the people, making new friends and finally getting to meet Wendy IRL!!  Here’s two of my new friends, Holly and Suzanne, painting a piece of furniture.  I spent a lot of time with these two and my roomie, Tracy, and I’m so thankful for new friends!!  White Point - DIY by the Sea

We may or may not of also ‘borrowed’ a table from the back room and gave it a bit of a makeover, too.  Of course, we didn’t tell Donna that until it was too late and we were packing up to roll out on Sunday. That’s what the girls are working on in the photo above….it give everyone the chance to see the prep work required, how easy it is and how incredible the transformation can be.  We loved doing small projects, but really, I think a lot of us want to paint furniture.  Like Wendy told us, don’t start on your grandmother’s chine cabinet!

Here’s the before:

White Point - DIY by the Sea

And here’s the after:

Ugh – due to technical difficulties, there is no After picture at the moment….maybe next post?

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the weekend.  It was a much needed get-away for me, to be creative, branch out and meet new people.  White Point was amazing, which I’ll talk more about in my next post, and I seriously can’t wait to go back.  This time, I’ll bring the family, I kind of think they’ll love it, too!

Thank you to Wendy and Lise for all your hard work doing the prep work, washing the brushes, trying to keep us in line.  Donna, thank you for all the work you did to make sure we had a fabulous time at White Point and making us feel so welcome!

I especially need to give a huge THANK YOU to At Home on the North Shore for sending me to this weekend retreat! It’s always exciting to get to scout out new ideas to share with our readers and to be freshly inspired by our amazing province and its people.  I feel very fortunate to be able to represent not only the magazine but also our area in this way.

To my new friends, you guys made the weekend for me, so thank you!! Tracy, thanks for not being an axe-murderer 😉

To be continued,










  • Tracy [aka: White Point roomie] - February 9, 2017 - 9:11 pm

    It really was one of the best weekends, and thank YOU for not being an axe murderer 😀 It was such a pleasure to meet you and I truly hope we stay in touch my friend. ❤️ReplyCancel

    • lori@farmfreshstyle.ca - February 9, 2017 - 9:14 pm

      Tracy, I would love to stay in touch!!! We ended up with so much in common, like not being axe-murderers!!! We’ll just plan weekends away all over the Maritimes!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy @ Front Porch Mercantile - February 9, 2017 - 10:26 pm

    Oh Lori, what a great post, I LOVED meeting you IRL ad I really enjoyed the weekend as well, LOVED everything, and so glad you did too xoReplyCancel

I feel like I could title more than a couple of my posts that…  But today’s post is really about a road side find that was exactly what our living room needed! And, it cost me $0 to do the makeover! Win, win!!

End Table Makeover

Let me set the scene, pawn the kids off on my mom { Thanks, Oma!! } and head out for a drive with Michael for a coffee in Tatamagouche, where we always end up for a coffee.  Coffee in hand, we decide to take the scenic route back home, driving some roads we haven’t travelled in a while, which is one of my favourite things to do.   I can’t help but look at the piles of ‘garbage’ at the ends of the drive ways, I’ve scored lots of goodies that way.  And sure enough, I spot what I know to be a solid hardwood end table.  So, I do what anyone who likes to remake furniture would do, I whip the car around and pull up at the end of the drive way. I had pulled a back muscle earlier in the day and sitting wasn’t doing it any favours, so I crawl out of the car, look the piece over quickly and then try to lift it….barely left the ground!  Michael had to come to my rescue and help me put the end tables in the back of the car, much to his dismay.  He’s isn’t fond of my road side rescues.

When he tells the story, it involves shot guns and being run off the property, but it wasn’t nearly that exciting or dangerous.  😉 He loves to juice up his tales….

End Table Makeover

When I got it home, I discovered that the missing knob was inside the drawer, which made it even easier to plan a makeover.  I knew I wanted this piece to go in between the two Barcelona chairs in the living room but the colour was the question.  My first instinct was to paint it navy, but I secretly, or not so secretly, want to paint my walls navy so then it would blend in.  White would be too bright, the coffee table is already teal, so I decided on grey.  Rosemary and Steve of Phillips & Chestnut had gifted me a pot of Homestead House Black Wax for Christmas, and this seemed like the perfect piece of furniture to try it on.

Game plan in place, I went to work. I washed the piece down and gave it a quick sand…honestly, not something I do every time. I’m not a huge fan of prep work. 🙂 I used a special mix of Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash and Casement to mix the right grey for me, not too dark, not too light.  I painted a table for a friend in a similar mix and really liked it, so I combined some leftover paint and went at it!  Two coats of paint later, and I was ready to wax.  Let me tell you, that wax is dreamy! The knobs got a quick spray of black paint.

Here’s a close-up of on of the details:

Black Wax

Besides needing a table between the chairs, we also needed a lamp on this side of the room.  With the Christmas lights down, it seemed dark and glum in there.  So, I tried to come up with a plan for a hanging lamp with an old Ikea lamp cord I had, some old lamp shade frames and then somehow wall mount it….but that was a bust.  Nothing I had would work with anything else I had and I’m sure I could’ve made something or other, but I wanted something sooner rather than later.  So, I dug into my stash and found some old wooden lamp bases I had bought a few years back at a yard sale.  I also had a lamp shade from a lamp I broke…ooops….and they actually worked together!! Let there be light!


I added my crazy fern, tucked under the lamp and it adds just the right amount of homey-ness.  I love pulling in the driveway at night, seeing the warmth of the lamp and the randomly pokey bits of the fern in the front window.  I also stuck a tray with antlers and some wooden beads on the bottom shelf.  I’m thinking I may look for a basket to stick some magazines in, there seems to be a few around…or maybe some the games the girls are currently loving.  But for now, it’s just fine.

I follow this account on Instagram, Ferpie and Fray, and they always line their drawers with pretty paper.  I thought this little makeover deserved a little extra.  So, again, I dug through my stash of scrapbook paper and found something I thought might suit my living room.

End Table Makeover

I think, all things considered, this zero dollar makeover was quite a success! What do you think?

To be continued,


This month has been a month of looking back.  Usually January’s are for looking ahead into the coming year.  But due to some of what I’ve been working on, I’ve spent time looking back through photos and blog posts of the past.  And I have to admit, it’s pretty fun.  Funny how things change and how whatever is happening in life reflects itself here in this blog space.

One of the things I noticed is that I posted a fair amount of ‘random’ blog posts, covering a variety of topics that I felt compelled to talk about but didn’t necessarily deserve their own full post.  I miss those! They are so fun, I can be my distracted old self and write the way my brain works.  Feel free to read THIS and THIS and THIS, if you don’t know what I’m talking about! I haven’t posted many of those at all.  Today it changes!!  Get ready for randomness!! 🙂

random post

I was looking back for kitchen cabinet pictures for THIS post I just wrote for Stones.  Wow, our house has come so far! { You’ll have to head to the Stones post to see what it looks like now! } But, know what else I noticed?  Our house seems so much more cluttered now.  How does that happen?  When did that happen? And how do I fix it? Probably should stop buying stuff and dragging into the house.  I need a good purge.  Seeing the pictures makes me want to do a major purge, tidy and clean, photograph it all and do a proper Home Tour again, just so you can see what it looks like now.  I know you all seem to enjoy home tour posts…..I guess I should do more!

Roadtrip Treasures

I love that when Michael and I travel together, we end up shopping for treasures and checking out wharves.  We did that this past weekend, while the girls were at his parents, the above picture is the treasures I scored on our mini road trip.  Scrolling back through posts, I came across THIS POST from our anniversary trip to PEI….treasure hunting, coffee and wharves….yep, sounds just like us!  He’s pretty good company – I think I’ll keep him!

Um, so, the other thing I noticed is that I made a lot of spelling mistakes, left words out of sentences….I guess I should go back a fix all that!  Sheesh, my English teachers would shake their heads at me!  Oy!!  I feel like I need to go back over all my older posts and check them out, re-share some of them, pin them to Pinterest…get some love going on for some of those ones, too.  I’ve covered a lot of ground over the past few years of blogging!

randomness post

I’m long overdue for a visit to my hair dresser…..like at least a month overdue! My hair is longer now than it’s been since the girls were very small.  On the left is March and on the right was in the middle of December.  It’s been amazingly simple to grow out this time, it seemed to take no time and never hit any of those awkward stages.  So, because I’m due for a haircut, I turn to Pinterest, start pinning things I like.  Then I show Brenda and she says yes or no, and I listen, she’s my expert! She knows how low maintenance I am (like very, very) and so she gives me styles and cuts that work for me.  I’m always amazed at how many people will stop me and ask where I get my hair done, and to be sure, I give the credit to Brenda!  When it’s this long, it has some curl to it, so some days, I just let it go curly – way easier when getting ready in the morning, that’s for sure! Or I could just let Hannah put, and I quote, “An inch pony in!” And yep, as long as it seems to me that’s about all it would be!

I thought I would also give you a quick update on the cardboard box Elfie and I gave the girls! { If you don’t know what box I mean, read THIS, where I won Mother of Year!! }  They turned that box into a ‘tiny home’ complete with purple Christmas tree, construction paper fireplace and curtains, floor boards, etc.  They had so much fun!  And when they grew tired of that….they are 7 and 10 afterall….they turned it into a horse stable, complete with tack room.  And then they grew tired of that and now it’s a clothing store, called Moiz.  I think this might be the last go-round for that box, the most recent doorway really compromised it!  Without the HUGE box, Hannah’s room will seem very spacious!

Alright, enough for right now!  But there’s blog post brewing about a ‘game’ Lena played that always drove me mad, but now it passes the time on my commute!

To be continued,


Christmas is all put away.  The house is looking meh.  I think I want to decorate for Valentine’s day.  Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

So, here’s what I’m thinking….cream pom-pom garland, maybe a red, pink and cream pom-pom wreath, add some red to my china cabinet.  I think I’d like to make a few different signs, too.  I just want to add a few touches here and then, nothing over the top.

When I mentioned this to the girls, they said it was months away and that I didn’t need to worry yet.  But I know me and I know my schedule and I know I need to strike when the iron is hot. So, I’ll head to the studio later and start seeing what I have, what I need and if any other ideas come to me.

I’ll dig through some stuff, dig out some red things that I know I have stashed away.  I think there might even be a few things I dig back out of the Christmas decorations and turn into Valentine’s Day decorations, too.

Fast forward a few days….


I pulled out some red bits and pieces, did a little pom-pom making, fired up the hot glue and got to work.  Unless I go buy more yarn, there won’t be a pom-pom wreath, but I’m okay with that.  Since I don’t knit, it’s hard to justify buying MORE yarn just for pom-poms….

I decided it was time to pull everything out of the china cabinet and give it a good reworking.  I drug a bunch of things in from the the studio and gathered up some things that I had tucked away for a bit.   I wanted to get rid of the green and pull in red to pair with the turquoise.  You know, my favourite colour combo ever! 🙂


I love my little pink button heart sign!  I got that stash of buttons at that estate sale in Cape Breton where I also scored my brass deer!  The pink board was one I had painted a long time again and it sat, unfinished under my work table for a very long time.  Having boards prepped and ready to rock is great, then I can create without having to go buy wood, paint it and then patiently wait for it to dry….  I sketched out a heart with chalk and then started glueing all the buttons on.  Oh, note to self….put the hanger on the back before you start glueing buttons on the front….


I strung up my Denim Heart bunting but it didn’t stay….I want something a little softer and less colourful. I know, me saying I want less colour, what’s with that!?!?  I found the bunting in the picture at the Village Gift Shop in Tatamagouche, it’s really a Christmas one that was marked down 75%!!  I think it’s exactly what this needed to finish it off!


The bookends were another Tatamagouche score from years ago that got a coat of spray paint when I redid Lena’s room many moons ago.  The books are old Reader’s Digest books with the covers pulled off, I use those as canvases for my mixed media projects.  I knew I had an old, red book kicking around, which colour-wise was spot-on and then I read the title…..bahahaha!!


I spent a whooping $12 on decorating for Valetine’s Day this year.  I used things I had in the house or the studio.  I’m trying to be a little more aware of what I’m buying since I already have so much stuff!  I have a stash of fabric, craft supplies and furniture to draw from, plus all my decorations.  There isn’t really any reason why I can’t actually use what I have!  It forces me to be creative and to repurpose what I already have – win win in my books!

Am I crazy? Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Normally I wouldn’t…or not to the extent I did this year.  But the china cabinet really seemed to need a refresh, so it seemes like Valentine’s Day was a good excuse.  And basically, I don’t have to remove much to make in ‘normal’ again, either, which is a win in my books.

To be continued,


  • Reg - January 26, 2017 - 6:20 pm

    Love the button art… so simple, yet so adorable!ReplyCancel

    • lori@farmfreshstyle.ca - January 26, 2017 - 6:59 pm

      Thanks, Reg! It was so fun to do!ReplyCancel