Last weekend we decided to take our girls to Ross Farm Museum in New Ross.  They thought that would be great fun, until they heard it would take about 2 1/2 hours to get there.  Not much for long drives, those two.  But, with the promise of wagon rides, we headed out for New Ross.

Michael and I had been one year, when we had gone to Mahone Bay for our anniversary before children had arrived, but never with the littles in tow.  We both love places like that, where history comes to life.

We stopped part way there for lunch in Hubbards at Trellis Cafe.  The brown bread that came with my seafood chowder was so very tasty!  { The seafood chowder was really good, too, big chunks of seafood – yummy!!! } A very neat spot to grab a delicious lunch, for sure!

Trellis Cafe

Next stop was the museum! The new building is beautiful!  Looks like an old barn, but with modern details.

Ross Farm Museum

The inside is bright and inviting, well laid out.  Of course, they had me at the buntings….

Ross Farm MuseumRoss Farm Museum

They have wonderful areas for displays in the new building and this trip, they had beautiful old quilts on display.

Ross Farm Museum

Ross Farm Museum

First stop on our tour was the school house.  They’ve got old school desks with a pot-bellied stove in the middle of the room and slates on the desks.  Amazing to think of learning in a setting like that!

Ross Farm Museum

Ross Farm Museum

There was a lady spinning wool from the sheep on the farm and she told us all about the process.  We got to watch her card the wool and then spin it.  She gave each girl a length of wool, twisted onto itself and they wore them as bracelets for the rest of the day.  They shear the sheep and use the wool on-site to make various things, just like people would’ve done in the years gone by.

Ross Farm Museum

Ross Farm Museum

Ross Farm Museum

The sheep on the farm are two different breeds, Cotswold and South Down.  These are heritage breeds that Ross Farm Museum received funding to breed so this heritage breeds continue to be around. The other animals on the farm are heritage breeds, as well.  The horses pulling the wagon were called Canadian, and the pigs are Berkshires.  I’m sure the chickens were heritage breeds, as well, but we never chatted with anyone about them.

Ross Farm MuseumRoss Farm Museum

This little lamb was one of two little ones who were born a couple night before our visit to the farm.  They are so tiny and wobbly, as they wander around their stall, looking for a snack and a snuggle from momma.

Ross Farm Museum

While we were there, they were shearing the sheep for their wool.  It took the guy who was shearing them about an hour to an hour and half to shear each sheep, using the old fashioned clippers.  They flip the sheep up on their hind ends and for the most part, they sit pretty calmly for the duration of the shearing….unless you get a feisty one!  He also shears sheep off-site, using electric clipper and it takes him less then 5 minutes a sheep.  Just goes to show how progress has truly sped up the process!

Ross Farm Museum

The house was also a hive of activity while we were there.  They were dying some of the wool, as well as spinning the wool with a ‘walking spinning wheel’.  I’m amazed at what they dyed wool with and the process it underwent to achieve certain colours.  Of course, it was all natural and dine the way they would’ve done it in the past.  The most astounding to me was the bright purple-pinkish colour.  That colour was achieved by fermenting lichen with urine in a sealed jar for 5-6 weeks and then using the resulting liquid to dye the wool.  Now, sounds gross, I know…but who realized that of you did that, you would get the beautiful colour?!?!?!  I can see how it started…I dare you to….and thus the colour was discovered?  Who knows!

Ross Farm Museum

Ross Farm Museum

I love seeing all the old utensils and tools they would’ve used.  They have the nicest little scenes set up, in the house, but even in the barns.  I love going to a historical place like this with my camera and try to capture some of these scenes.  Sometimes the lighting isn’t the best and I come home with blurry pictures.  But, I see the value in this history and of the need to preserve our past.  Time moves on so quickly and we are left looking back  at a blur, not unlike some of my captures from our tour.  But with places like Ross Farm Museum and other museums throughout our province and our country, our past is documented and held at its value.

Ross Farm Museum

I’ll share the rest of the museum in the next blog post.  I didn’t realize I took so many pictures!  But, like I said, I find it so interesting!

To be continued,




Hey – look at me go – three posts in one week!!

Creating Home

I popped in today to tell you about an exciting retreat coming up this month!  Rose, from Onslow Historic Lumber, and I are teaming up again to bring you ‘Creating Home’.  This retreat will be about paint, colour but mostly about your home.

We are busy planning painting projects!  We can’t have a day without painting something!  And the projects are going to be geared to dressing up your home.  So, you’ll get to learn a few different techniques plus you’ll have some awesome things to take home with you, too, made by you, especially for your home!  Here’s an example on one of our projects:


Rose will teach you all about painting with Milk Paint, from mixing to applying the paint to finishing your project off with the right sealer for the job.  We’ll be using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and Fusion Mineral Paint.

We are going to talk about how to arrange and style objects in your home to make lovely displays with your treasures.  I’ll be bringing some fun props to play with during this part of the retreat, too.  We can play and take pictures, so be sure to bring your camera along, too.

I know people struggle with selecting colours for their walls and for things in their home, so I’m going to be chatting with our guests about that and offer some help.

Our day is going to spent a-top the beautiful Fitzpatrick Mountain at Smith Rock Chalets in Scotsburn.  This venue is incredible!!  They will be catering lunch and providing our snacks throughout the day, as well.  And we encourage our guests to make a weekend out of it and stay the night, too!  I believe there will be karaoke happening that evening, too, so you can paint all day and sing all night!  The Chalets are offering a discount to guest of our retreat, too.  So if you book a chalet, be sure to mention you’re with the retreat!

HERE is the Facebook Event page.

HERE is where you can go to book your spot for the retreat.  Early Bird pricing is in effect until May 21st so book  now!

Hope to see you there so we can hang out, paint and work on making our homes just right for us!

To be continued,


Saturday’s forecast was gloomy and the schedule looked packed.  But when another local creative posts that she’s holding a yard sale, you juggle things around to make it fit into the day.  We may have added a few extra kilometers to make it work into the timing we had to work with, but I’m very glad we went!

Now, first off, I’d like to say I drive a car.  I knew that I needed groceries, bunny food and to swing by my seamstress’s place to pick up cushions for a client.  Also, I feel the need to add that it’s Spring Clean-Up in these parts so you never know what you might find sitting at the end of a driveway.  So, in typical Lori fashion, we didn’t even make it to our first stop and I had an old lamp in the front seat with me and 3 huge old legs in the trunk. { Yes, 3…. }

spring clean up

So, the next stop added 2 new cushions, the old cushions and the extra bits of foam and fabric.  At this stage, my trunk was almost full already!!  I debated heading home but didn’t feel like making the trek back, so we forged onward.  Next stop was the bank for cash and then off to the yard sale.  I need to make sure I keep cash on hand during yard sale season so I don’t have to first go into Pictou to get cash….I’ve got to learn!!!

The Yard Sale…..oh my!  Walking into the yard and I see so much awesome furniture!  But I don’t really need a drafting table or a wash stand….or another little painted table….but that one had been used for her paintings and it had the prettiest paint splatters!!!  { As I sit here and type this, I can see it on my doorstep with some pretty plants on it….I wonder if she sold it…. }

The first thing I decided I wanted was this sweet table and chair set for the girls.  It’s taller than most sets, which is great since my girls won’t stop growing!  I am still trying to convince them to paint it but they aren’t going for it…. 😉  { Ignore the mess of a six year old’s bedroom…. }

yard sale

I’m a sucker for milk glass vases so I picked up a couple of them to add to my collection.  I liked the interesting shape of some of these ones.  I’m thinking of a row of them in the windowsill somewhere or in a long, narrow box on the table.  Who knows, but for now, I’ll grab one or two more when I see something that catches my eye.  {And here, please ignore supper still on the table, too!!! }

yard sale

Of all the metals, I think copper is my favourite, so this windchime made with marbles and copper was a no-brainer for the front porch.

yard sale

And then I saw the fish.  Driftwood base and post with a whimsical fish in one of my favourite colours…I know it was coming home with me!  The paint is thick and lovely with lots of bits of other colours poking through.  It looks very nice in our main floor bath, which is tiny and awkward to add anything interesting to.

yard sale

My other purchase was two retro mugs in pretty shades of blue and green.  Like I need more mugs!!  But I loved the shape and colour of these!  Maybe they’ll come to work with me for afternoon tea and winter hot chocolate?

yard sale

This scene caught my eye – the pretty, lacy petticoats hanging behind a paint splattered easel where this tiny daisy painting was propped.

yard sale

One of the highlights of the yard sale was chatting with Mary Maureen and getting to meet Chris, who makes the best felted soap ever.  I threatened to come by to buy more soap from her and she even welcomed us to drop by anytime and visit her and her farm animals!  Here’s a picture of her felted soap that we purchased way back in 2013, you can read the blog post HERE.  Obviously it made an impression on me!!  Mary even sent the girls home with some goodies – a scarf for Lena and some fun foam people for Hannah!  Right up both their alleys!!

felted soap

I know these picture are not staged, they were taken with my iphone and I apologize.  I had quickly snapped them to share with a friend who loves to hear the tales of the yard sale and Spring Clean-up finds.  But I was feeling inspired to write this post and instead of staging everything and making it look perfect, I’m just keeping it real for you!

This is just yard sale #1 of the season.  I hope to get some other goodies and useful things for around the house.  It’s always so much fun!  But, I think I need a bigger vehicle!  Although we did manage to squeeze everything into the car, but there wasn’t much room to spare….should’ve taken a picture of that!

To be continued,



  • Sylvia Estey - May 15, 2016 - 9:57 pm

    Is Mary Maureen the yard sale lady? Would she have perhapsnot have sold the drafting table? I’d like to give one a try for artwork, trying different heights/positions to possibly help my poor back. Should I message her? Great finds by the way! You are a master at yard sales!!ReplyCancel

Hi – happy to have a minute or two to sit down and share this makeover with you today.  This is a makeover I’ve been planning for a long time and finally got around to doing it.  But, as always, one thing lead to another, so in the middle of this makeover, I decided it would also be a good time to paint the bedroom walls and trim….you know how it goes, everything always snowballs!

dresser before

Let me give you a little back ground on this walnut dresser.  I’ve had it for close to 10 years, probably.  It lived in our first house in between the dining room and living room and it looked gorgeous against the green walls.  Then we moved to our mini home and it lived in our bedroom and I used it as my dresser.  When we moved into our new house, of course, it came along and stayed as my dresser.  This is one of the beautiful pieces I actually paid real money for.  Shown below is a picture of the top of it for a guest blog post I did for Beck & Boosh a few years back.

walnut dresser

Now, I know some people would be horrified that I painted this beautiful walnut.  But this dresser is old and has seen a lot of life before I even got my hands on it.  The veneer from the top and front edge had been removed long before I had it.  There are major marks longs the sides.  So, when I saw this picture on Pinterest, I knew I now had a plan to refresh my piece and still keep the stunning walnut.

Here is proof that it was damaged and needed a refresh:

dresser damagedresser damagedresser damage

So, I sanded and wiped the dresser down and mixed up some Miss Mustard Seed Typewriter Milk Paint and had at it.  It was easy to paint for the most part, except for around those turned legs on the front…that takes some time!  It only took two coats to give it a nice cover.  Then I sanded it down again lightly and did a coat of Hemp Oil over it to seal and offer some protection.  As it’s my dresser, this is enough protection, if it was for the kids, I would’ve used something more durable.

I also had to find and reattach some of the knobs.  The old screws had stripped the holes and so that needed to be addressed, too.  There’s nothing worse than trying to open a drawer that has no knobs…

This project probably wouldn’t have taken nearly as long as it did, but in the midst of it, I did paint the bedroom walls and trim.  So, throw that in the mix of starting a new job…it took much longer than it should’ve.  But, I think it was worth it!

Dresser after

dresser after

I really love how you still see the beautiful graining on the front of the drawers, but all the damage is masked by a rich coat of milk paint.  No, it still isn’t a perfect dresser, but it is mine and I really enjoy this piece. I’m very pleased with the end result of this makeover!

Now….to finish off the rest of the bedroom make over…..

To be continued,


PS A little sidenote on the mailbox painting: It belonged to the people who lived in this house when I was a teenager, and they gifted it to me way back when….and now it has come back to live here! No idea who the artist is or anything more about it, but to me it exemplifies country life, the life for me!

Change is well, change.  Sometimes change is good and sometimes change isn’t.  And then there are the times when it’s a bit of both.  But change is never boring.

Where am I going with this? Well, I’ve got change coming my way.  I’m excited and nervous all rolled into one with this one….

As you all know, I love decorating and I’ve been doing it for a long time now, 16 year actually…makes me sound old!  And my decorating career has taken another turn.  Starting on Monday, I will be working at Costandi Design in Truro.  This is an very exciting move for me.  The potential is huge with this opportunity.

But, what does this mean for the decorating side of Farm Fresh? Nothing, actually…it’ll be business as usual! I will still be working with my own clients and doing work in the studio, too.  I worked hard to bring my own business to where it is and I’m not letting that go!

Living Room Before 1

What does this mean for me? Well, it means I’m giving up two other part-time jobs that I loved to be able to take on this new challenge.  I enjoyed working with Keith at The LifeShelter, dreaming and planning for the future work of the shelter and organizing our local Coldest Night of the Year event.  And my time with the gals at Above & Beyond Home Decor was exactly what I needed – great accessories, good times and lots of laughs.  I’m sad to leave these positions but leaving on good terms makes leaving so much easier. Thank you for being dream employers, I enjoyed my time with you all!

I’ll be continuing my work with At Home on the North Shore, as well.  It’s so much fun, such great people to to work with and plus, it’s the perfect combo with what I do.

Living Room 1

Life is full of twists and turns and one never knows what will happen next.  I can’t say I saw this change coming.  I didn’t go looking for it, I wasn’t looking to make a change.  But, sometimes the plans we have aren’t the plans we need to follow.  I’d be foolish not to take this chance and see where it takes me.  And that’s the exciting part of it for me.


My commute is a lovely drive through winding roads.  My children will be well cared for after school.  Meal-planning is looking like a must….Jennifer….you hear that??  And I’m upping my fashion game….although that’ll take help…eeek!  #sendhelp #imnotevenkidding


My life and career is ever evolving… {not unlike my home – just look at the changes my living room has undergone! } Constant minor and major changes, experiences and opportunities have brought me to where I am today. I am thankful for the challenges, life lessons and opportunities, without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.  So, Monday, I’ll dress up, hop in the car and enjoy the drive.  I’ll walk through the doors and do the best I can with the skills and gifts I am armed with, with my head held high.

If you need me, I’m still here….same old Lori!

To be continued,